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Style File: White High Heel Pumps Still Charting the Top in Today’s Fashion

July 19, 2015

Chris 9681333Hello to all my shoe lovers out there.  Today in this edition of Style File I wanted to talk a little about the classic white pumps.  i remember growing up as a teenager, the white pump was mostly worn to church on Sundays, and they weren’t really that popular or trendy, not being that high on the list of fashionistas; and as far as I can remember there were a lot of don’ts with wearing them such as don’t wear them with dark colored nylons, don’t wear them with black or other dark colors, patterns and print ensembles if you weren’t offsetting it with white or white patterns or prints, and the list goes on, including don’t wear white after Labor Day.  And that is a rule that seems to be fading out quickly as the rules are consistently changing as fashion continues to shift gears where the color white is greatly concerned.

Today in the world of fashion where shoes reign supreme. it seem like white high heel pumps have been given a new leash on life.  I have recently been spending some quality time with my daughter who moved back to Los Angeles after having lived in Las Vegas for the past year.  She expressed a deep interest in white high heel pumps by Steve Madden and Shiekh Shoes.  And each one with their own level of sleekness, look and style.

Chris White High Heels2She and I headed on over to DB Shoes and picked up a pair of Shoe Republic LA’s white high heel pumps.  And while the design, style and look has not changed all that much from the 80s and 90s, they still possess the classic look.

One thing I especially like about the classic pumps is that they still dress up a good pair of jeans and skinny jeans, or the classic capri ensemble.

Chris White High HeelsThe history of high heels goes as far back to the Victorian days when men wore high heels, which is why men wearing them today in the fashion in which they wear them does not bother me because it is basically history repeating itself.  The fact that they have evolved into the forms in which we see and love them today says a lot about the originality and creation of designers who have kept up the history for time to come.

The classic white high heel pump opened the door for designers to take a simple style and turn it into something new and different for women to further enjoy and add to their shoe collection.

Rene shoes-heels-sr-cuxiwhiteOne of my favorites are the white wrap around strappy high heel pump in faux leather from AMIClubwear.  What they did here was took a classic look and transformed it into a sexy, sleek style, added a buckle to boost the overall look and style.  To preserve the overall look of this shoe, and because I was not able to find it anywhere else, I would not recommend for daily (everyday) wear.

What I like about this style is you can dress it up with a number of ensembles.  Me being me, I would prefer something suited, a lacy ensemble, skirt ensemble, or a really pretty dress that would dress up these shoes.

It is easy to miscalculate what to wear them with as I have seen a number of fashion don’ts just with the wrong shoes and/or the wrong ensemble.

Rene shoes-heels-sr-cuxiwhite_2They come with both the right look and the right heel height measured at approximately 5 inches.  Comes with a scoop vamp, wrap around thick strap with a side buckle closure, smooth lining, and cushioned footbed.

The ankle strap pumps are still popular, but I am happy to see other pump-like styles climbing the ranks of high heels year after year and changing the face of how we see high heel pumps.  As far as the classic pump is concerned, trends will always have room for them because they are a huge part of the office scene where maintaining a professional appearance is key.

They can be found in an array of fabulous colors including nude, black, red and blue…the original colors of the classic pump family.  Colors gold and silver are also among the colors.

51uSdTZ-4zL._UY395_Let’s not also forget that the classic pump has opened doors the  platform pump which I can never get enough off.  The are fashioned with a sexy stiletto heal, half inch to an inch platform, cushioned footbed, and some come with a round toe and some come with a somewhat pointed toe.  Very chic.

Such is this style here with the peep toe, platform and stiletto heel.  Looking at the shoe I would have to say the platform is about an inch and heel is approximately five inches.

31fX-f8k1HLThe description says 4.3, but that that thickness of the platform, the heel has to be much higher than that.  I found these on, although currently out of stock, they are still saved on my account.

These are what I would consider strictly for dress attire because of their style.  On they are identified as wedding shoes, which they could be worn for special occasions.  I definitely don’t doubt that.  They are sexy and definitely as must have in your shoe collection.

51aL7pK8TUL._UY395_The trends of high heels are forever changing.  And although they look sexy and appealing, it is always recommended that you wear what is comfortable to you.  The 5-inch heel may look nice and appealing — if you are not comfortable wearing that height, you will run the risk of not walking in them properly, putting undue stress on your back and legs that can hurt you eventually.

These are my picks in the white high heel pumps.  What are your favorites?

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