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Fashion Reviews: Top with Lace Neckline

August 10, 2015

I recently purchased a white top with lace neckline from Ali Express.  My very first purchase was a tank top blouse white with a lime green underlining trim and a detachable tie belt.  Cute online, but here is why sizing is so important…it was too tight in the breast area.  Rather than returning the top, I am going to add lace on the side towards the top just under the arm to open up the breast area.

UT8fIBXXsJaXXagOFbXbSo this top I recently purchased….looked really nice online and was originally thought to go perfectly with a pair of white pants.  I intended to wear this to an all white party which I ended up not going to…long story.  Anyway, I received the top days before the party and let me know, it did not look or fit like the top in the picture.  I tried on the top.  Made several attempts to get it to fit right, but it just kept looking like I was wearing a top with a lace turtle neck.  The size wasn’t bad, but it just felt awkward.  The lace was all wrong and it did not look like the style in the picture at all.

The seller tried to rectify the matter as best possible, but it just did not work for me and I opted to get my money back.  The tip of the iceberg was the seller kept wanting to see pictures of how it looked on me rather than honoring my reasons for disliking the product entirely.  I politely told her that I did not have time to go through all that.  Granted I paid way less than $10 (abourt $5 and some change with free shipping), it just did not seem worth the time and effort to keep going back and forth over something I simply wasn’t happy with.

Bottom line is when you order from AliExpress, you have to make sure of your sizing right down to the very inch.  There are not too many sellers that actually sell US sizes on items you actually like and can ensure you are getting the best fit.  This is because many of the sizes are Asian fit so you have to order up in sizes at least two sizes from what you normally wear.  Depending on what it is, three sizes up if it’s available.

This was the last item I ordered from there because I just don’t have the time or the patience to deal with something if it is not what I ordered, not the right fit, or is not good quality.

In closing, when you are ordering only, take extra to make sure that what you’re ordering is the same thing in the picture.  Gauge your size carefully and order up if you absolutely have to.  A lot of these places do not offer free returns as the money you spend is valuable.

Will I order from this seller again.  No, I will not.  I never got the money back, and the seller did not do her job in satisfying my concerns.

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