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High Heel Shoes: The Mellina-3 From Shiekh Shoes

September 13, 2015

My Mellina-3-BI talk a lot about high heel pumps.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh, my God, not another post on pumps!”  Well, I have to tell you, I came across another pair that I thought were very nice and subtle and even sexy by Shiekh Shoes standards.  And anyone who buys shoes out of Shiekh Shoes knows that their selection tends to be out there.  But lately they have seem to be trying to cater to those whose taste borders on the less than extreme side and that’s fine, but when they step out with something that also borders on being chic, then we have to applaud their efforts.

So, here we go.  My daughter and I were at the Westside Pavilion and as we were walking around, heading over to Charlotte Rouse, I side stepped into Shiekh Shoes because one of their selections caught my eye.  I’m a corporate women who believes that when I step out on my way to work, not only does my outfit have to pop, but so does the shoes I am wearing.

Mellina-3 Nude
These are called the Shiekh Mellina-3.  They feature a 4.75 inch heel with a lightly cushioned insole; they are styled with patent leather and a pointy toe and these are the first ones I’ve seen with white caps on the heel.  White caps, people!!!  Which is what attracted me to these shoes in the first place.

Online they sell for $35.  In the Sheikh stores they range from $34.99 to $44.95 — this is in two store locations I’ve been to.  Shiekh Shoes will do a price match if you find them at a lesser cost at another store.  They will just call that store where you saw them to verify the lower price.

Mellina-3 Nude3

Mellina-3 Nude2This is one of those colors that is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.  Especially in a corporate setting. They come in a total of six colors

Shiekh Shoes will agree that these are great paired up with a nice suit, slim fitted jeans, a skirt, a really nice dress, or even a romper.

And this is what I used to wear back in the day when high heel pumps were getting their fair share of attention.  Just like when I used to have every color and style of nylons, pumps were coming into the rainbow of colors giving women more than a lot to choose from.

My Mellina-3-AAs for fit, they fit just nicely.  I wear a size 7 and prefer wide, so if a shoe fits too narrow, it’s going to be a half size up for me, but then I risk a too loose fit – thus having to chose carefully depending on how the shoe is made.  And let me tell you they look absolutely amazing on my feet with my best dress pants!!!

Updated 09/15/2015

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