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Health & Fitness: My Twelve Week Weight Loss Journey

November 7, 2015

ReneRI started over twelve weeks ago on a weight loss journey with a goal to drop 20 pounds.  Since then, I have lost fifteen pounds, took six inches off my waistline, and have dropped  two dress sizes.  The outfit I am wearing is a size Jr. Large.  And this has been since being introduced to the FitLife Fitness Center here in Long Beach and the Herbalife fitness coaches who are passionate about helping the community get into a healthier way of living through staying active, clean eating and gaining more energy.

I have received tons of support from my friends and new friends who have been on this journey with me.  As I am continuing this journey, I am excited to let everybody know that my coach, Lenka, and I are on a mission to support others in gaining more energy, being more active, and learning how to eat clean so people can look and feel their best!

So we are launching an exciting 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge starting on Monday, November 9, for anyone to participate in and get a taste of the healthy active lifestyle!  Would you or anyone you know like to participate?  You can get in touch with me at

And/or if you or someone you know would like to explore the income opportunities of Herbalife and could use an extra $200 – $500 extra a month for the holidays by learning how to run the challenges with me, feel free to contact me at and my coach and I would love to talk to you about the endless possibilities?

Five Day ChallengeJoin us!!!  Herbalife has helped me to see things differently with regards to having a healthier lifestyle.


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