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Fashion: The Brown Phase — Boots, Fashion & Handbags

December 31, 2015

Here is the post I just posted on my style blog I wanted to share with all of you as we close out 2015.

Brown is one of the most neutral colors next to taupe, tan, beige and ivory.  One of the things I like about the color brown is that you can jazz it up so many ways that you never run out of ideas.

Here is one way I like to see brown.  I stopped into Sheikh Shoes just after leaving work and I had a quick chat with one of the sales associates about boots who agreed with me that you can always find the best styles in black boots, but it’s often hard to find a good style in brown boots.

DeliciousDelicious Shoes has come out with a new snazzy style of boots which caught my attention.  These are definitely a must have pair of boots that the shoefanistas out there should not be without. Image from  And with the temperatures continuing to deep into mid to low 60’s during the day and below 50’s at night, why not have a hot pair of boots to keep your feet not only warm, but looking good?

bebb4ea0-62d6-4386-a465-e006acf05b26So let’s get right on to it.  Brown is a color many of us have in our wardrobe.  But if it’s not hitting all the corners of being trendy, chances are you are missing out on some of the hottest winter styles this season. I consider these to be a Sheikh Shoes exclusive, and not at all a well kept secret.  Found in both black and brown in the store and also in gray online; and dubbed the Delicious Knee High Leather Boot Fable-S, these will rev up your ensemble and all eyes will be on your while you’re strutting your stuff down the boulevard.

da866c9f-c2e8-4b5f-9680-6758a54dbc21Don’t be fooled by the outer zipper and buckle design.  The traditional zipper is on the inside.  The heel is topped at a whopping 5-inches with a shaft measured at approximately 14 inches.  The features includes a gold zipper with and zipper accents along the bottom of the boot shaft giving the heel a dressy look. You can pair them off best with a knee-high sweater dress for a classy affair.  I’d wear them with my Calvin Klein ivory sweater dress and a brown print infinity scarf — to give it that wintery look.

8649c2b2-a3a6-44d3-9d8b-ed450fcdc4b4The Fable-S have sex appeal if you’re one for looking flashy and sexy at the same time. 🙂 Like me, of course.  I love a good ensemble and I always say if you come away with at least one compliment out of the entire day, your ensemble was a success.

The skinny heel on the Fable-S give the boots a gracious amount of style one can’t get away from.  And I can help you put together one killer of an ensemble that will keep your friends talking for days.  The sales associate at Shiekh Shoes assured me they are true to size.  I had the opportunity to try them on, and she’s right, they are true to size. 🙂

What will these bad boys cost you?


There you have it!  If you think about it, that’s really not a bad price, especially if you’re looking for a great style, something different, and is a crowd pleaser.  If you purchase them from a store, you will come away with paying a total of $49.04 (that’s with tax).

NineWestWhy stop there?  Add a nice handbag to your ensemble to let everyone know you really have what it takes to be stylish and trendy.  I picked up this really cute handbag from Ross Stores last night.  It’s a Nine West handbag on sale for just $18.99.  I love this bag.  It’s room, has two outside pockets, which I have dedicated one to my cell phone and one to housing both my phone chargers.  It does not have an inside middle pocket which I have grown so accustom to, but I can live without it only because I like this handbag and it’s not at style I’ve had before.

0417cd7c-7767-41b1-9c42-35439d86e2d6Don’t want to pay retail price for a handbag?  You can certainly fine quality handbags at a fraction of the cost of the retail price…as must as 15% – 50%, give or take.

The color is ideal for the Fable-S boots by Delicious Shoes.  You can go with a pair of jeans if you’re not into sweater dresses, or even white pants to bring it all out and really let the brown stand out.

Venus.pngAnd don’t forget a great sweater.  I usually turn to because they always seem to have the best sweaters when the cold weather rolls around, and they have pretty good sales.

This particular sweater, a cable knit tunic, is on sale for $26.  What a steal!

So, there you have it!  A pretty good brown ensemble for the winter weather and while you’re enjoying the brown phase, you are looking good at the same time.  Brown is one of those colors you can also wear with lighter colors like powder blue, pink, and even gray and some prints that gives brown it’s own life.

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