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Fashion: Bring Some Flowers into Your Life – The Brown Phase Part II

January 28, 2016

So, in my last “The Brown Phase” post I talked about the color brown and I showcased so super hot brown boots. I incorporated those boots with an old brown sweater I picked up from a thrift store, a pair of white pants I had in my closet to create a fun, but hot winter wear ensemble.

Spring is not too far off and many stores are already getting prepared, and have long since started phasing out their winter fashions, making room for Spring/Summer 2016 that is bound to bring some to die for styles that we must have in our wardrobe.

PSX_20160128_111337I decided to check around and see what patterns and prints will be making a seasons splash in this years Spring/Summer line up.  And I must say that floral prints are going to be huge this year, because they are getting prettier and prettier each year.

The weather this week has been beautiful so it was easy to get into my closet and put together an outfit that can be both spring-like and winter wear.  And anyone who knows me will tell you I like to keep it simple, but a little dramatic when it comes to showing out in what I can do with color coordinating different patterns.

This Spring/Summer season I will be showcasing lots of floral patterns with today being my first ensemble in a sleeveless sleeveless floral top paired with my short sleeved 3-buttoned sweater which I purchased from Avon some years ago.  Still looks good, doesn’t it?  I didn’t stop there, though.  I pulled my brown dress pants which I generally wear to work.  They worked just great with the top and sweater combination.

PSX_20160128_111404I was a ready for the warm day today.  And the best thing about this top is it came with a pretty nice necklace that accessorized the top just right.  And it went well with my Mellina-3 high heels.  You know I was not going to get away from mentioning having worn them with this ensemble.  Of course I could have gone with my peep toe platform high heel pumps also in the nude color.  That would have worked just as well and I would have been styling even more.

The one thing you have to know about coordinating floral prints is you have to know how to do it just right without taking away from the style of the pattern, meaning you have to pair it with the right solid colors.

So, this top comes with different floral patterns that are brown, tan and has some blue, a kind of burnt orange, and lavender in it against a light beige background, which makes it easy to to pick and choose solids to work well with it.  I wouldn’t wear black with it simply because it’s too dark and would take away from it.

It’s a comfortable and snappy look that is very complimentary.

But let’s not stop there.  If you’re into pencil skirts, you can enjoy really pretty floral patterned skirts I like to wear with pretty chiffon tops that creates an elegant look.

I absolutely love these skirts.  I have the one on the far left.  It fits so nicely, accents my butt very nicely and is a real head turner. 😉

ReneRI wore the skirt to an Herbalife meeting that was held at the Long Beach convention center showing of my 12 pound weight loss.  I looked amazing.  And it was an uplifting moment.

With this outfit, you can also wear light colored tops, too.  Like a rose pink, ivory, or even light beige would work with this skirt.  I wore black slip ons because they seemed to work and give the outfit a statement.

If you’re looking to do something different with your Spring/Summer wardrobe I recommend checking out some floral patterned styles.  They are sure to brighten up your wardrobe.  They are fun and flirty and if you get at least one compliment out of the whole day, then you know you coordinated your outfit very well.

Best thing is these pieces are not expensive.  Check out local area boutiques like Zizibeh and Fashion Island, and other boutiques and you are bound to find pretty floral patterned styles that fits your individual style and taste.


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