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Accessories: Shape Up Your Wardrobe with GUESS Handbags

March 7, 2016

guess-handbags-holidays-2014-campaign-6-618x822GUESS is continuing to turn heads in today’s fashion trends with their stylish handbags that keeps on getting better and better as the years past, and just in time for the Spring/Summer season.  GUESS is showing us how they stay relevant by creating styles to meet and suit individual taste.

Photo from Laurence Ourac 

From the fun and colorful to the light and simple, to keeping it classy, GUESS knows how to please, and staying easy on the wallet.

I like GUESS handbags because of their attitudinal allure.  They tend to fit personalities more over than they do our fashionable choices.  But when you think about it, that’s it in a nutshell.


Choosing a handbag for myself took a little time in itself.  I’ve spent some time pulling together my Spring/Summer styles that I needed a handbag to fit the moment.  I saw this beautiful bag a few weeks ago and decided it was a definite must have.  Different from what I usually get, and it doesn’t have an outside pocket specifically for my cell phone, but I was willing to forego the outside pocket because It had comparable pockets inside that was more than enough of what I prefer in a handbag.

It is one of those handbags that can dress up any ensemble if well coordinated.  And I tend to be the queen of coordination because I don’t like being out of sync.  Even when I’m working out, you will find something designer about me.

12801408_705041276265450_3682371092730091034_nCate Rigid BagWhere does  GUESS measure up in price?  I would say that compare to other handbags on the market, they still tend to be very affordable.  Whether you’re looking for something big or something small, you are likely to not spend a huge fortune.  And shocking enough you can find a wide selection of GUESS handbags at your local Ross Stores while supplies last.  Ranging from $27.99 to as high as almost $50.  A small fraction from the retail prices.

HWVG6216060-LIPIf you want to go bold and daring, the Cate Ridig Bag is something to shake your head at, and will earn you a second look.  The well designed, beautiful bags are a fashion statement within themselves.HWVG6216060-LIP-ALT4

The stunning bag comes in six vivid colors.  It is about $135 but it is money well spent.  You can jazz up your wardrobe with handbags from GUESS and be the one your friends will be talking about this summer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of GUESS wear. Check out this year’s latest styles and build your wardrobe around your favorite selections.

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