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Beauty: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

March 12, 2016

I have not always purchased NYX products since the last lip gloss I purchased felt gritty on my lips.  Then again, that’s what I get from purchasing it from a street vendor while out shopping with my daughter in the garment district downtown Los Angeles.

Nyx Lip CreamThere’s been a lot of hype about the matte colors.  And since Color Pop is heating up the makeup industry with their line of matte lipsticks, I thought I would test the waters once again to see if matte was something I could get into.

Back in the day I loved the  dark purples and cherry colors that after spending a few minutes in the makeup aisle in CVS-Pharmacy I found myself standing in front of the NYX makeup kiosk and had found colors I was looking for that fit my color preference, Copenhagen (they were out of) and Transylvania which I purchased, took it for a test drive to see if whether or not I liked it, and if it was what I was looking for in terms the right shade and of easy application because it goes on like lip gloss.

2016-03-11 18.44.27I was greatly surprised that I actually liked this shade and it is not too harsh or too dark for my skin tone, and it is very much similar to what I enjoyed wearing way back when. The shade I am wearing is called Transylvania.

What I look for in a lip stick and in a lip gloss is long lasting wear.  I am always busy and on the go, so when I put on lipstick or lip gloss I want to be assured that I am going to be getting my money worth with the products I buy and use.

Of course we don’t want to spend a fortune, and buying NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, I came out of the pocket for $6.99 plus tax.  But after trying it I can say it was well worth the money.

Ordinarily I’ve looked at selections from Wet n Wild, Jordana, Maybeline, Revlon, and went back to NYX because they had a wider selection of the Matte shades, but in soft cream which is gentle on the lips.  Another thing, it doesn’t have that after taste that some lip applications have when you put it on.  So, that was a huge plus for me.


20160312_002741-1Will I continue to buy NYX products?  Only time can tell and that huge depends on what other products they have that are gentle on my skin.  But I can say I will by the Copenhagen shade when I am able to purchase it.  Had the CVS-Pharmacy I went to had I could have purchased one at full price and got the second one at 50% off.

Also, I’m getting married this summer, so I was already looking for a good shade to wear on my wedding day.  Yes, my guy and I are making it official after almost 20 years.  It’s important to look absolutely fabulous with flawless makeup.  That means, I will be keeping my eyes open for color popping shades of makeup that will help me to create a beautiful look even on my wedding day.

Nyx Transylvania SMLC21If I am not able to purchase the Copenhagen shade, I would be happy to experiment with other shades to see what I like and step outside of my comfort zone to try different and lighter shades.

Now I see what all the hype is about with matte lipstick.  It’s not only found in sexy shades, but it offers longer lasting wear than regular lipsticks and lip glosses.  And after seeing my co-worker with her different shades, and hearing other people at work talk about matter lipstick, I thought I’d better get on board and get with the program.  It’s different for me, but it’s well worth the trying because I am liking how it makes me look when my makeup is brought together, especially for the office.

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