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What’s New: Styled By Rene’ Comes to AtStudio5

April 12, 2016

My goal is to showcase fashion, style, a luxury lifestyle of what living the high life of fashion can present, and working to help those who are in need of a fashion makeover, while getting the most out of their fashion experience. 

I am exciting to be bringing Styled by Rene’ to AtStudio5 by creating a new page on the blog to make it just one click away to asking questions about how to improve current fashion styles, choosing the right attire for events, how to shop for bargains, how to get the most out of your money when shopping for the hottest trends, best places to shop, enhancing current wardrobes, shopping designer brands at a fraction of the cost, and looking for a complete fashion makeover.

Styled By Rene’ consults with clients to understand where it is they want to take their style.  The new page will feature articles, fashion tips, and much more, including how to contact me, request an Fashion Assessment Sheet and setup a consulting appointment.

If you haven’t already visited Styled by Rene’, I encourage you to do so.  Browse around the blog and see what I’ve been up to and where it is I intend to go.

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