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Entertainment News: The Iconic Legendary Prince Dies at 57

April 21, 2016

prince-image-1-92582190The world has suffered a great loss last week.  We mourn the tragic loss of  the iconic legendary Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or Prince as he will always be well known to me and those around the world who know him and best and love him just as much.  If you have been following the news, a couple of weeks ago his plane had an emergency landing as he was suffering from flu like symptoms.  He went on to invite many to his Paisley Park compound at Paisley Park to let his fans know he was doing well and was quoted as saying something to the effect of “waiting a few days before wasting prayers on him” – TMZ Live reported.

On Wednesday, 4/21/16, Prince was found by a staff member unresponsive on his elevator.  He was last seen alive the night before at 8:00 pm.  First responders were unable to revive him and pronounced him dead at 10:07 pm.  His autopsy was performed on Friday, 4/22/16, and on Saturday, 4/23/16 it was reported that he was cremated.  His death was felt all across the across the globe.


Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, created a sound that no one could compare or even try to match.  He was one of a kind, and a genius in his own right.  He played over 20 instruments, wrote and produced his own music, and single handedly took on the music industry to fight for creative freedom which he did so well…created his own sound in music that continues to revolutionized the music industry.

SiriusXM subscribers can tune in to channel 50 for a Prince tribute to hear their favorite tunes from his oldest to his latest releases.  My last collection was the Lotus Flower.  I got it when he first released it and Target had gotten in stock.  On the day of his passing, I paid my respects to the artist I have loved since I was a little girl by purchasing the Art Official Age from Amazon.  There were others I wanted to purchase but they were completely sold out.


His movie, Under The Cherry Moon, in the end he dies.  If you’re a Prince fan, you would agree that the story he told in that movie was a beautiful one with a tragic end, but left a meaningful message that to me translates living each day as if it were your last.  In retrospect, he carried on his life-long career doing as he saw fit, giving his fans what they wanted which was his music in every way possible of himself.  In addition to Under The Cherry Moon, he gave us Purple Rain, Graffiti Bridge, which are my most favorite and memorable ones.

Yahoo News reported that the conclusion of his autopsy showed evidence of having overdosed on a drug days before he was found.  Apparently he was taking this drug to treat a hip problem tied to corrective surgery in 2010.  This is according to TMZ.  You can read more about the autopsy by visiting Yahoo News.


The closest I ever came to seeing him perform was being in the same building with him standing outside the main auditorium at the Shrine in Los Angeles as a seat filler, but we never got to go inside.  In fact, we were all escorted out by the fire marshal who concluded the building was over the capacity.  I saw him perform on a little monitor outside in the hall.  That is the closest I ever got to see him perform live.

13043413_10208341632755125_6130780062356060889_nI will forever carry a torch in my heart and soul for prince.  His music has inspired a lot of my poetry over the years.  Poems such as Pleasures of an Idol Sin, Part I and II.  Part II is from my book, Sins of a Poet.

His music inspired my very first book that I never published and hope to do so one of these days.  And when I think about where Prince music has taken us, let me tell you, we all have been on an amazing musical journey.  He has taught us that we have one life.  Live it to the fullest.  He lived his life privately as a celebrity.  Was never caught up in any ugly scandal.  He remained true to himself which many of us have a hard time doing in today’s society.  Even being born epileptic, he used his experience growing up to over come it and be what the world has loved for so many years.

Prince (3)

Remember him throughout the end of times.  He was the beautiful one that we all truly adored.  And it’s amazing that the two top hot tabloids even remembered Prince according to he Herald.

images (1)This is what it sounds like when doves cry…

Updated 5/21/16

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