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Fashion & Politics: The New First Lady’s Fashion Creativity

January 24, 2017


There is much discussion on the New First Lady’s style choices including the latest one where she wore a piece that was very much like the one Jackie Kennedy wore, except in a different color.  First of all, trying to compare herself to the famous and loved Jackie-o who was very graceful and poised in every step she took and in everything that she wore.

Where fashion and politics have played a huge part in the white house during the Obama Administration, Michelle Obama amped up the industry with her one of a kind pieces that she wore.  Nothing that any other celebrity wore, and the one thing about Michelle Obama is she gave up and coming stylists an opportunity to make their mark in the fashion industry.

But in all truthfulness, and this is just my opinion, I do not think she is First Lady quality based on what I’ve seen so far.  And I honestly do not believe she will show the fashion industry the same level of respect that Michelle Obama did.  This is because the Obama’s level of humanity for all people speaks above volumes.  And the fact that nude pictures of Melania keeps surfacing on social media as memes should be one to be questionable.  They gave Michelle Obama hell about wearing sleeveless tops, and have yet to criticize our new first lady about all these nude pictures that keeps surfacing and that people keep asking why.

I do not see class where Michelle Obama has a great deal of.  And I am just curious as to whether or not she collaborates with major designers to create one of a kind pieces or if she is going to wear her own line and off the rack designs.

Only time can tell.


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