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A Note from the Moderator: Ringing in the New Year

January 2, 2018

imagesHello everyone, and happy new year.  I hope all of my readers and followers out there had a great Holiday Season and a fabulous New Year’s Day.  It’s time to get down to business and look at ahead at what’s new.  I’m back to blogging on a regular basis.  Working to keep up with’s what’s new in the world of fashion, beauty, health, and of course, my favorite, shoes.  I have not updated my shoes list for the 2017 year, so I will be taking some time to do that.

I am looking to start some projects — hopefully — get myself back out there in the world of fashion.  I will keep everyone posted.  I’ve updated the email — if anyone has sent me an email, I apologize if I have not responded.  But rest assure I will be answering emails.  You can email me at  Makes you add that to your list to receive in your inbox.

FB_IMG_1508643878150This year I will be talking about all things fashion and beauty mostly as I rebuild AtStudio5 and make it more relevant among the fashion scene again like it once was.  And there will be some new things going on with Styled By Rene as well.

With the Spring/Summer 2018 on its way, I want to start looking at what some of the new trends are as I work to bring those styles to you.  I really liked the floral styles last season.  They were bright, colorful and very complimentary as they went well with a variety of shoes if well coordinated.

In 2017 I decked myself out in many of the floral styles, even with new hair styles to kick off the summer season.

If you remember, too, some of the favorite colors were burgundy, olive green, and yellow gold.  At last those were some of the top colors I noticed among the floral trend.

Strappy lace up sandals were a fave, too, especially in the denim style worn with jean capri pants.  There were a lot of denim shoe styles to take your pick from.  I was not too thrilled about the peep toe denim thigh high boots.  But I think this year I will give them a try.

With that said, let’s get going into the new year and see what trends are revving up the fashion industry.


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