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A Note From the Moderator: Coming Soon – New Policies for Featuring, Listing and Hosting Fashion Sites and Placing Banners

March 31, 2018

With there being internet so high on alert it is important for AtStudio5 to take action to protect itself by enacting policies that create a set of criteria when asked from outside resources to host fashion sites on the blog.

AtStudio5 has decided to create policies that must be met before requests to list, feature, or to host fashion sites can be granted, and/or before banners can be placed.   As creator and moderator of AtStudio5, it is important to provide quality content that is trusted and can be verified.  It would be in poor judgement to post content that comes back as not having a satisfactory consumer rating or has been flagged as being a scam from previous shoppers or by verifiable resources.

Therefore the policies will serve to ask that sites that are asking to be featured, listed, or hosted, and banners to be placed must go through a process of being verified as a trusted source with a 3.5 star or above rating and with reviews that do not suggest that the site cannot be trusted.

The policies will be very specific and thorough in the criteria that must be met, and will be housed on its own page.  Stay tuned to the blog site for the new policies to be posted. They will be updated accordingly as how the internet improves how scams are tracked and flagged.

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