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Fashion & Spring/Summer 2019: What’s New

February 3, 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’m glad to see my readers are still stopping by to see what’s the latest at At Studio5.  A lot’s been going on, working two jobs, trying to find a platform for my fashion line and working around the clock to get it recognized.

So, I’ve quit one job which was my part time, but just learned recently that my temp job (after being there almost a year) is about to end March 31, 2019 if not sooner as a result of the buy out that was completed last November.

I’m not as bummed as I thought I would be as this was expected long before it was announced.  I’ve been through this type of situation before when Bank of America sold its securities department back in 1996, but I was a full time permanent employee then.

Well, the show must go on and I must maintain the flow of creation and not be discouraged.

What’s new with AtStudio5?  Fashion, women’s and men’s lifestyle, beauty, health, all that is inspired by how we live and see our lives as we grow as is individuals.  I am adding an online design studio to make available for sale creations I make.  There will also be a gallery for viewing.

51413069_10217069447905049_8736341669114281984_nTo kick off this project, I am designing a line of tunic pants sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season.  I’ve recently completed a winter tunic pants set (shown), which I am so proud of because it came out so beautifully.  This was a personal challenge because I’ve stepped into doing something I’ve never done before.  The process was time consuming because it was a matter of getting everything lined up nicely, cut to precise measurements, using bias tape correctly, and making sure the sleeves and the hems were done to perfection.

I learned how to put in pockets the correct way.  Let me tell you something, I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 15 years old.  I’ve only stated using a sewing machine in the last year, so this was definitely a challenge — stepping out of my comfort zone.

If you don’t put the pockets in correctly, you can very well plan on taking out the stitch do it the right way.  You have to have patience otherwise it becomes a complete mess.

51061449_10217069448105054_8317279111588347904_nThe trim on the neckline was an extra added touch to add a nice embellishment.   I have never worked with something like this, so I was not sure how it would come out.  Ordinarily you are supposed to hand stitch something like this, but I was curious of sewing it on would be better.

To my surprise, and after going very slowly in the process, I sewed it on and it came out very nicely.  There were no issues whatsoever.  If anyone likes this particular style and is interested in purchasing a set like this one in this color, email me at and provide your email address to include your measurements.  All orders must be pre-paid before they set can be made.

My Spring/Summer sets will have the option of being sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeve with chiffon sleeves in these colors (shown above).  The top will be floral and the pants will be white with pockets and an elastic waistband.  If a customer chooses long sleeves, the sleeves will be white chiffon to keep with the white background of the top.  Cost of the tunic pants sets are $65 plus $10 shipping.  I am taking orders now!!!

So this is what I am working on right now.  On the design studio page will also be crocheted items that I make such as neckwarmers, baby items, crocheted maxi and mini skirts, and other items as the are made available.  A lot, right?

In addition to making my dream a reality, I am working with my ex-husband to promote the business, event planning, photo shoots, collaborate on putting shows together, and developing an entire security department for events for prospective clients.  2019 is going to be huge.  Perhaps losing my job is a blessing in disguise.  I am stepping out on faith.

In the meantime I am writing up a business model in hopes of obtaining capital to further expand my design studio in order to build a team and to put together an entire fashion house at a physical location.  Join me in supporting this venture.  And thank you for continuing to keep AtStudio5 alive.

Stay Beautiful~~

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