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Fashion: The New Design Studio

February 3, 2019

Little Valentines Day DressLet me draw your attention to the new Design Studio.  Keep stopping by this page to see new items for sale.

There will be featured Tunic Pants Sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, so stay tuned for that.

I am super excited this year about the direction AtStudio5 is going. So much to do, learn, explore, and pursue. As I create the Design Studio for the blog and future hosted website, I am embarking on what I have always wanted to.

The key to the success of this venture will be not giving up, accepting failure and learning from that experience to further grow and pursue new opportunities, and hopefully from this I can finally create my magazine.

On the Design Studio, in addition to the cute mini dress will be my featured Tunic Pants Sets for the Spring/Summer 2019 season, so stay tuned for that as I have already began buying inventory for those.

51413069_10217069447905049_8736341669114281984_nIf some of you are following my Facebook page, AtStudio5, you will know that I am putting my two piece ensemble up for sale. The price is the same, $65 plus shipping. I am especially proud of this ensemble because it came out so beautifully.   Do I anticipate making another one like this?  Absolutely!!! I am loving what I do and am inspired to perfect my craft.

I plan to take more professional pictures of my pieces to be able to display them in a more organized portfolio and online.  At some point I want to prepare for a show, starting with my white collection which I am slowly working on.  It’s a labor of love I do not want to rush, and currently seeking new ideas to add as I go along.

I am also incorporating crocheted sweaters to my portfolio.  Starting with the oversized sweater I am making for my daughter.  Stay tuned for that as I am working around the clock to complete.  I may have an order for a cold shoulder sweater, which I am excited about making, so stay tune for that as well.

With all that said, join me in making 2019 a huge success for AtStudio5.

Updated 02/10/19


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