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Stye File News: The Baroque Print Blouse…My New Must Have

February 10, 2019


Today in Style File News I share my new must have is a vintage print that has actually been around for ages, but has a modern twist to its look with so many styles to choose from.  I love that this style is showing some edge and has an elegant look and feel to it.

The cool thing about it is, you can find it via a designer brand or at a cost that won’t break the bank.

ConfessionalPrintedShirt2I was deeply inspired to go on the hunt for a top like a similar style by the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills.  Because I loved the combination of colors, the vintage look it has, and I loved the neckline and buttoned down look.

BaroquePrintShirt6Ok…Call me old fashion, but when I finally binge watched the 2018 season of the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills and saw Erika was wearing the Versace designed blouse I was fortunate to find on Big Blonde Hair you know I actually had to  go on the hunt to find one similar to it because now that particular shirt is no longer sold…not like I could have afforded it anyway…but it was nice to actually find one similar to it and not break the bank in doing so.  And if you know Versace’s designs, its not hard to spot it from a distance.

BaroquePrintShirt5Describe as a polyester broadcloth fabric, this vintage style blouse as a sense of class and style to your wardrobe.   It has a turned down collar, button down, long sleeves with buttons.  I am quite the fashionista when it comes to the office attire and after hours style.

BaroquePrintShirt7Round hem bottom makes it possible to wear tucked in or untucked.  I’d like to wear it untucked.

So, let’s talk about how I would dress up this pretty piece.  For starters, I would wear a soft pair of black pants.  Particularly the ones I have from H&M.  It gives it a soft and even flow.  Or if I wanted to take one step further, I would wear my Calvin Klein black straight leg high waist pants with the zipper pockets.

Classic Pump1With either of the pants style, I would no doubt wear a black high heel classic pointed toe pump to spice up the look.

I personally would not wear a capris pants because of my height, and I would not wear any other color pants or shoes with this top because I think the black tones sets it off just nice.  It’s all about coordination in this aspect because everything needs to flow and blend just right.  If I had to go with another color in pants, I would go with white pants and a pair of white sling back high heel shoes to keep with the modern/vintage look.

Any time you choose a top of this magnitude, you have to coordinate with the main color of the top and work off that color to get a well coordinated ensemble.


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