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Fashion & Beauty: I Am AtStudio5

March 23, 2019

I Am AtStudio5Let’s talk about what AtStudio5 and where it hales from.  9 years ago I was looking to participate in fashion week when it kicked off early in the year.  There were press opportunities I wanted to be in on, but in order to do so interested press had to have fashion blogs to be referenced.  Because I did not have one at the time, just articles I had written for other blogs, I quickly sprung into action to create my own fashion blog.  That was the real start of me being a blogger.

AtStudio5 was born and in doing so I joined other groups and forums and inside of one month my reviews were on a steady rise.  I did not get a chance to be granted press passes to some of the local fashion shows that were taking over downtown Los Angeles, but I gained a fashion blog that was gaining lots of attention.

The blog has morphed into so much more than just fashion.  It’s beauty, entertainment, fashion, health, style and image consulting, and creating opportunities for women who are looking to rediscover themselves.  It’s been a labor of love throughout the years.

Since the passing of my husband in July 2017, I have rededicated myself back to a passion of fashion.  And in doing so I want to share my love and passion with everyone by creating a fashion brand that everyone can enjoy.  I am AtStudio5 and this is my brand.  This is my life.

I hope to plan a women’s luncheon to kick off the first official women’s group of AtStudio5 before the end of 2019.  This luncheon will be to celebrate women who have overcome obstacles in their lives.  Women who have beaten the odds whether in health, relationships, or other aspects of their lives.  Women who have taken back control of their lives and are living the best life they can live to date.  There will be details to follow in the months to come.  Stay tuned!

Join me in making 2019 the best year AtStudio5 has had as we move into its 10th year in 2020.

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