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Style File News: RAW Artists Arise Showcase Featuring Rejeana Black

July 19, 2019


Hey everyone out there, this week in Style File News, I am featuring a young lady who is not only beautiful, but is an amazingly talented photographer whom I have the pleasure of having her and her mom a strong part of our family.

We had the pleasure of her taking engagement photos when we got to see her back in 2017 when my daughter, granddaughter and her fiance flew out to visit.

If you enjoy photography and you support young and upcoming photographers and artists alike, here is an event you sure don’t want to miss.  I try to support all of the good things our young people are doing in life that is positive, because if you think about it, they could be involved in so much worse.

Put July 24, 2019 on your calendar and be sure you do not miss this event featuring Rejeana Violet Black.  I am only sorry I can’t be there to see her show, but I wanted to make sure I do a huge shout out to her.

So, click on over to the RAW Artists Arise Showcase Featuring Rejeana Violet Black page for more information on this event and for ticket information.  The showcase will be in beautiful Orange County at the Mansion Costa Mesa at 7:00 pm.  Don’t wait!  Get your tickets today!


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