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A Note From the Moderator: 2020 At a Glance

January 19, 2020

2020At A GlanceIt’s your AtStudio5 moderator hoping the year is treating everyone very well so far. I wanted to take a moment to say first say thank you to everyone who showed some love last year.  Your overall support has kept the likes, comments, and reviews coming taking the current view status up to 72,737 reviews.  To me, that’s huge considering how the blog started to begin with.

This year I want AtStudio5 to be just as successful as it had been.  I hope to reach 100,000 views by year end and that can only be possible if we are all working together to achieve that goal.  This would mean inspired article posts with exciting content, I will be looking for guest writers, and I hope to be adding in additional content to make the blog that much more inviting.  I am happy to see that the article I had written several years ago, “Clairol Textures &  Tones: Hair Color for the Women of Color,” is still getting a lot of reviews.  Thank you, ladies for your ongoing support of that post and for keeping your questions coming.

Another thing that has become a center of attention is the “Beauty Bag.”  What is the “Beauty Bag?”  It first started as something I did for my mom who has been at a nursing facility for rehabilitation since February 2019.  She asked for some makeup and I put together the bag consisting of foundation, primer, concealer, mascara, a blender sponge, hand lotion, compact mirror and three lipsticks.  I had no idea that it would actually turn out to be something that could be comforting to women who are fighting cancer or have beaten it, and for women are in nursing homes to live out the rest of their days.  This has prompted me to contact many of the major makeup brands to encourage them to contribute to this cause by providing products that can create “Beauty Bags” to donate to those who are in nursing homes and to make available to those women who want to purchase one based on their specified shade preferences.

I would work with the cosmetic company to lay out the details of the “Beauty Bag” and go over any specifics on how to make this happen and how to make the products available.  Today I reached out to Covergirl, so here’s hoping they respond positively or can point me in the right direction of making this happen.  Anyone interested in obtaining a “Beauty Bag” for someone you love, for yourself based on preferred shades, contact me at  On average a “Beauty Bag” including the makeup bag would cost on average around $50 and will include the products I mentioned.

Next, this summer I would like to host an annual all white event in support of creating awareness of pancreatic cancer.  A portion of ticket sales would go to a research group currently doing research on the disease in support of their ongoing efforts.  For more information email Woman2Woman:  The Women’s Rights Movement at

In short, I hope to make this year for AtStudio5 an exciting year as well as a productive one.  I encourage everyone to join me in making that happen.

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