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Style File News: The 2020 Challenge to Barbers, Hairstylists & Makeup Artists and Cosmetic Brands

January 19, 2020

style-file1Welcome to another edition of Style File News.  Today I want to talk about a conversation I had with my mom who is currently in a nursing home for rehabilitation after having been hospitalized almost a year now.

One of the things we talked about was how there are those in the facility who have no one coming to visit them.  It’s as if they are just to live out the rest of their days.  They have staff to come in tend to their routine needs, but it’s not often I hear barbers, beauticians, makeup artists, and photographers taking time out of their profession to volunteer their time at these facilities for “Beautiful for a Day” moments.  Providing makeovers to make them feel special and not forgotten.

There are many volunteer opportunities out there, but I have not heard of one on this level which I think would be a good idea if it could be done once a month or once every other month.  It would not cost anyone anything but to see the rewards of making someone happy, especially those who do not have family or friends coming to visit.

I got this idea because my mom had just had her hair cut by someone at the facility and she said that while she was there she wanted to do something to make herself look better and one of things she mentioned was getting some makeup.  I jumped into action and put together a “Beauty Bag” which consists of foundation, primer, concealer, mascara, three lipsticks, lotion, a blender sponge, compact mirror, and the makeup bag came with two bottles she can add her favorite body shower and lotion if she wanted.

BeautyBag2020A beauty bag for the ladies?  How wonderful does that sound?  The gentlemen who are there can get shaving cream, little bottles of cologne, groom kit, something to make them feel regal.  The beauty bag doesn’t just have to be for someone in a nursing home or assisted living facility, but for someone who has battled an illness and wants to make themselves look more beautiful, is looking to make themselves over through the use of makeup but is not sure what to buy.  For my mom I spent $50 and she is getting top name brand cosmetic in foundation, primer, concealer, and lipsticks.  The key thing was to look for items on sale and are based on what she specifically asked for and in what shades she preferred.  I added the blender sponge, and I added the concealer and primer because she was concerned about having a polished look after she applied the foundation.  I tossed in the lotion at the lat minute because I had a couple of extras and I’ll be throwing in a compact mirror.  The beauty bag has to be what they want based on their preferred shades to match their skin tone.  I was asked how much a beauty bag cost and I based it on what I spent for my mom, so in average, it would be about $50 or more or less depending on what they want included.  I did not include brushes because my mom is not much on eye shadows, so I didn’t want to add something she didn’t think she would use.

My question is would brands such as Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Clinique, or Almay be willing to contribute products to create “Beauty Bags” for women who have undergone major illnesses, or to create them for women in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?  I intend on contacting them to see if I can get some type of contact to help facilitate a campaign of this magnitude.

In the meantime I challenge barbers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers to give up a day out of your profession to volunteer your time to giving makeovers to the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Just like you make your clients look fabulous, you can make them look and feel fabulous for a day.  The rewards would be seeing their smile which speaks louder than words.

Contact your local nursing home and/or assisted living facility and speak to an activity coordinator to see how you can make a difference.  Let’s not limit how much volunteering can be done at these facilities.  Let’s step in up and let them know they are not forgotten, and they are loved.  Remember these are mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers; people who have had careers, and have lived their lives.  Your time and talent can speak volumes by “giving back” in a way that would make your career that much more wholesome.

In closing, let’s all get involved.  Put a smile on someone’s face.  Volunteer at nursing homes and assisted facilities.  Create “Beauty Bags” to add a little luxury of beauty to someone’s life.  This is my challenge not just for myself, but for the beauty and the hair industries.

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