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Style File News: Online Orders Expect Delays with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak

March 13, 2020


Today in Style Fine News, the COVID-19 is affecting the United States nationwide.  The Los Angeles United School District has reportedly shut down its entire district and schools in Washington state K through 12 are reportedly to closed effective 03/07/20 until 04/24/20.

How will this effect students who come from low income homes who depend on reduced meal programs and how are they expected to stay up to date on their class lessons if they do not have access to the internet and computers or laptops?  Businesses who are asking employees to stay home are going to find that if their income is not subsidized by other resources, that can place them in serious financial binds.  Fortunately, and according to what’s being said in today’s news, actions are being taken to support these issues, it’s just a matter of how they will be spelled out.

Ok, so let’s shift over to how this virus is affecting how we shop and conduct online businesses.  AtStudio5 is primarily about fashion and beauty.  I do a lot of my shopping online, mostly, and like many business who does a lot of shopping and conducts a lot of business online will tell you that they rely on many goods from China.  But since the outbreak of the virus it’s been experienced that orders shipped from China can expect up to a two month delay before the items ordered are even shipped, and another 2 – 3 week waiting period before they are actually delivered.  For example, I ordered a top on 01/28/20.  It took a week for it to ship, another four weeks for it to actually leave China.  A pair of shoes I ordered in 02/13/20 shipped out on 03/011/20 and is said that the latest I will receive them is 04/22/20.  This is a prime example of how China merchandise is affected by the outbreak of this virus.

If the majority of business is conducted online including orders that are being placed and shipped to customers, it is important to be in touch with your local carrier to determine the timeframe to which deliveries can and will be made, depending on where the orders are shipping to and orders placed and where they are shipping from.

This is usually the time where we enjoy fashion weeks, but with the spread of the virus shows that had already been underway were eventually cancelled as Italy shut down the entire country with the spread of the virus there.  A reporter said and confirmed what I had already concluded which is the spread of the virus will change the way we as Americans shop and what will be available to us.  The spread of the virus has also affected shows in Milan, New York and London.

Be aware that this also affects the way department stores buy clothing to fill their stores, and will find that buyers will find it difficult to find and buy new designs because the designers are taking a second look at the toll this is going to take on the fashion industry.  So, if you were looking for fresh new designs from your favorite designer or new and upcoming designers who are debuting their looks for the first time, it is very likely you will not see them unless they do what Georgio Armani did which was stage a run way fashion show without an audience.

We are in different times, ladies and gentlemen.  We are going to see this industry suffer in great proportions.

This is just my two cents.  I’d like to hear what others are thinking, what they’ve experience since the outbreak, and their views on how they feel the US has handled it.

Thanks for reading.

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