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Fashion Daily: Switching Up Your Shoes Routine – Stepping Outside of the Norm

July 23, 2020

My sister always teases me and our mom about our thing for shoes.  To have so many and we only have two feet and not a whole lot of places to wear them to, especially now with working at home with no physical office to go to, and no really places to go to hang out where dressing up appropriately would be required.

Either way, staying up on shoe trends is always fun because you can see what trending for any particular season and can build trendy ensembles to bring it all together to make it look nice.

This year I decided I would step outside of what I usually wear for the summer and come into the light of something new and different.  Something that even my daughter was say, “that’s different, even for you mom”

For a while I was wearing the simple high heel sandals – got them in white, black, yellow, blue, floral, and denim styles.  I think they are cute but I am beyond cute!  I want shoes that make a statement when you walk out the front door, where the minute you get out of the car all eyes are on what you’re wearing.

Lemonaid2I kicked off the season with these beauties for my summer bliss.  I ordered these from because I needed a particular style of shoes to go with an ensemble I put together and didn’t want to go with my regular pair of black high heel sandals.

I saw these and thought, yes!  They are definitely different and provides the right amount of pizzazz I was looking for.  What’s different about them for me is the clear straps with the butterfly link chains.

One thing I noticed right away is that they are not for everyday way, and it’s not a good idea to tighten the ankle strap,  I and I wouldn’t recommend dancing in them at the height they’re at if you’re not used to wearing high heels.

I like sex appeal in shoes.  It’s like it gives them their own identity when you put them on.  I know when I tried them on I felt like I could step out the house that very moment.  In fact, I did…I went to visit a friend at my old job and wore the ensemble with these shoes and I rocked it!

Next up….

Pointy Toe Slides3I have always been a fan of pointy toe shoes, especially in pumps.  They look so sexy with wide leg pants that are long and all you see if the tip and heel of the shoes.  I recently purchased a long olive green maxi dress (I’ve had a fascination with this color for a while now).  In thinking about what shoes I had to wear with it, I paired it up with a couple that I currently have and came to the conclusion that they take away from the look of the dress.  So I went online in search for the perfect shoes and came across these.  The ones I really wanted were no longer available and since I love slip on slide high heels, I ordered these.  Once again I went over to the clear side just for the sake of being different.  I ordered these in a 7.5 just to be safe on fit and comfort, and because of those warmer days when I wear them out.

Coordination is a huge factor when I am putting pieces together.  The wrong shoes can destroy a look every time.  And I have not been on my blog in a while, but what I have been seeing has been having me wondering what they heck are they doing.  I have talked to women who have said they were not as fashion forward as they would like to be, and in some cases, they have no intentions on doing anything about it.  And when it comes to buying shoes, to me there is a science to it.  You actually have to know your comfort level, what style you like, what you’re going to wear them with, make sure you get the right size, and make sure you’re going to commit to a relationship with them.  If you don’t see yourself wearing them more than once, or if they are just an impulse buy, don’t spend the money.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what’s in my shoe collection.  You can check out the 2020 shoe gallery at the Shoe Gallery 2020 page. I just started updating it yesterday, so keep checking back with what’s been added.

Thanks for reading and remember to keep stopping by to see what’s new.

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