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Beauty: Let’s Talk Makeup Techniques

November 12, 2020

Everyone has their own techniques to how they apply makeup in order to get that glam-glam look, and though that may be the case the one rule that stays the same is always start with the eyebrows and eyeshadow.  But the interesting thing about that is we all have our own style to how we construct the perfect eyebrows.  Some do the unibrow thing, trying to make twin eyebrows, some go for a more dramatic look, and some, much like myself, go for a more natural look.  Once the eyebrows and eyeshadow look has been established, everything else takes form.

Rene2020-10There is a science that goes into wearing makeup, meaning each product has its own purpose and meaning that we give life to once we embark on the journey of creating the perfect look. 

Learning how to wear makeup is nothing something we can learn overnight.  Some of us are a natural at it, whereas others  have to practice over and over again until we get it right, and then there are those who just have no patience and would rather have others do it.

So, in this post I am going to talk about the process (or the technique) that I used to create this look which I have to say is one of my favorite looks since I have been doing makeup series.  I did not really learn how to do my eyebrows until earlier this year and eyelashes….well, I didn’t get into those until just within the last week or so.  I became fascinated by how they can bring an entire look together.

Rene2020-12What I do:  I always start with cleaning my face thoroughly.  If I scrubbed my face earlier that morning, I clean it again or I go over it with a makeup remover wipe.  It helps to remove any oil build up and deposited dirt.

I don’t put any lotion on because I am going to be use a face primer by Maybelline.  I use enough to cover my entire face so when I start the process, the foundation goes on smoothly and has a smooth finish after I apply the  press powder.

It’s important to start with a clean canvas because you are going to be creating a work of art.  Just remember that each time you sit down to your mirror to get creative.

For a long time I always did foundation first then whatever I was going to do with my eyes.  But it was always a hit and miss and I would just shape up my eyebrows, throw on some eyeliner and I thought I had a masterpiece until I would see someone else and I would be wishing I could crawl under a rock…LOL.  Makeup is a trial and error type of thing…you either have it or your don’t, the good thing it’s something you can learn to perfect.

So, while all these years I was thinking you did eyes last I learned the lesson that you do eyes and eyebrows first.  At first I couldn’t understand why until I started watching tutorials and it all became a new reality to me.  Remember when I said there’s a science to wearing makeup?  Yeah…it starts with the eyebrows and eyes.

This where your patience is really challenged.  If you are person who does not have patience, you will certainly develop some with makeup.  When I first started doing my eyebrows, I was using a black eyebrow pencil that trippled as a smudge, mascara for the eyebrows, and a liner.  I looked like a clown with plastic eyebrows.  It was over a year and a half before I tried eyebrows again because — fortunately — there are ladies who are kind of enough to create easy to follow tutorials that walk you through how to do eyes from eyebrows, to eyeshadow, and right down to doing wings and lashes.  Of course, it will take you some time to find the right one, they are out there.  You’ll just have to spend some time hanging out on YouTube.

Rene2020-13Moving right along.  So, once the eyebrows are ready to go, get yourself some really good concealer.  This process I call defining the eyebrows because you are going to trace the eyebrow pencil with the concealer top and bottom using an even coating.  I say that because once you’re done you are going to blend out the concealer going down to the eyes and then up top you going to blend up just enough to where you can’t see it.  It’s like the concealer makes the eyebrows pop…pop…pop. I don’t care for when some ladies use white up top and bottom…to me that just looks like it’s not going to blend well with the foundation.  Before I do anything else I put on my eyeliner.

Now that the eyes are set in stone, ease into the eyeshadow base.  Determine if you’re going for a overall blended look or if you’re doing a cut crease.  Let me tell you, if you’ve never done a cut crease, I suggest watching lots of tutorial videos, make sure you have the right type of brush, and a whole lot of patience.

Rene2020-14On this next step, it really surprised me because in all the tutorials I have been watching over the last three years, I had never seen setting powder be used before the foundation.  I saw that and thought to myself, “something different’s been added!”  I tried it, careful not to ruin my eyeshadow and eyebrows, and I was actually amazed at the outcome because after I applied the foundations.  The foundations is where you really have to take into consideration the right shade, single or dual tones, meaning more than one.  I use a combination of two one is a liquid/creamy foundation and the other is a pressed powder.  For me the pressed powder keeps the shine down and adds for a flawless clean look, and the setting and finishing powders is like the icing on the cake.  I personally don’t do the contouring or highlighting because I don’t like the different tones, looks unbalanced to me…then again that’s just me, and at my age I don’t need all that glow.  Once  I have finished doing all the blending I am going to do I polish it with either a lip gloss and liner or a lipstick, eyeliner and my eyelashes…and you look like a millions bucks.

The thing to do is develop techniques that suits your personal style.  Everyone has something different that they like to do that is unique to them, like how I like to do my makeup is unique to what I like.  

These images are from my Wednesday 11/11/20 Makeup Series.  I hope you like the look, and if so please comment below.  If you have any questions, tips, suggestions, if you like this look, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Remember to like this post, and thanks for reading.

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