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AtStudio5ENT: Christmas Edition 2020 Features of the Month

December 2, 2020

2020 Holiday EditionHello to all my readers, followers, friends and family reading this post tonight.  If you are following my Facebook page you would have seen that last night I made an announcement.

I am looking to feature five people on my blog for the Holiday Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features for the month of December.  I will be accepting the first 20 photos I receive via email at  AtStudio5 is not about me.  It’s about all of you out there who are responsible for AtStudio5 continuing to grow and gain traction, and nearly up to 75,000 views.  Let’s keep that number growing and let’s get more followers to join in on the fun.

As I am working continuously to grow my community, I cannot do this alone and need for you to get involved.  Get the word out there about the blog in order for to become a name people can become familiar with.  

The guidelines to submitting a photo for the Christmas Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features of the Month are as follows:

  • Must be 18 or older submitting photos
  • Willing to consent to allow the photo to be posted for the month of December
  • Send one photo — doesn’t matter that size because it can be resized for posting.  If you use more than one email, please use your preferred email for contacting you.
  • Photos can be full or half body photos
  • No nudity.  Any nude shots are not accepted and will be deleted automatically
  • Looking for glam photos, not you and your friends acting wild and out
  • This is a holiday feature, so the photo must be nicely composed
  • Include a short bio about yourself, including where you are from.  A few sentences would be fine, please do not send an entire paragraph.
  • Photos not selected to be featured, some may be selected for “Beauty of the Month Feature” beginning January 2021.  If your photo is not selected, please include in your email if you would be interested.

The deadline to submitting photos is December 15, 2020 if you want the chance to be selected for the Christmas Edition of AtStudio5ENT Features of the Month.  Final selection of the photos will be done on December 20, 2020.  Those chosen will be emailed immediately, so be sure to be using your correct email address. 

If you’re not already following my Facebook page, be sure to do so at AtStudio5.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

~~Happy Holidays to you all~~

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