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Entertainment: Cardi B’s Beefing With Peppa Pig

December 28, 2020

In the news today on the internet comes the latest crazy celebrity beef and this time it comes from Cardi B who is said to have beef with the popular cartoon, Peppa Pig.  The fact this made headlines on a couple of sites including Billboard, is almost laughable.  But you gotta love Cardi B’s fire!  

The whole thing is surrounding the very fact that one of the things that Peppa does is stomp in puddles.  I don’t think there is a cartoon episode where Peppa is not stomping in a wet puddle, or her little brother.  Hey, it’s what makes the day fun for them.  At the same time, and because her daughter is obsessed with the cartoon, Cardi B feels it is influencing her daughter in a way she is disagreeing with and probably on all levels.  Specifically with messing up shoes, to be quite clear. 

I respect Cardi B, and in a very big way.  I can honestly say she and her music has somewhat grown on me in the last year or so.  I can say she is quite a talented artist who has a no nonsense personality.  She relates to her fans and when people bark at her, she barks back with a bigger bite.  She becomes momma bear when it comes to her daughter.  So, it’s no wonder I am in amazement that she could probably be one to give Peppa Pig a run for her money.

Look, I am a mom, too, and a grandma.  When my daughter was growing up, I can’t count how many times she has stomped in wet puddles.  I have even stomped in quite a few with her.  It’s letting her be a little kid and enjoying all the things that came with with being a little kid. We didn’t have Peppa Pig back then when my daughter was a little girl, in fact she got to see a lot of the old classic cartoons.

Now my daughter is a mom and my granddaughter watches Peppa Pig and other cartoons religiously.  I can remember sitting in the living room of our old apartment with my granddaughter watching a marathon of Peppa Pig [twice].  And I admit — after a while I thought I lost brain cells, but she wanted to spend an afternoon watching it and I did not take that away from her. 

Look, if you’ve seen the cartoon, I think we are forgetting what the cartoon reflects…kids being kids.  And if parents feel watching Peppa Pig stomp in in wet puddles is a bad influence, then stop the kids from watching the show.   See how well that goes!   Or if you’re going to get bent out of shape over it, do like we do my granddaughter, steer her away from the puddles and/or buy shoes they can wear specifically for stomping in wet puddles. 

My granddaughter loves stomping in wet puddles, that is why when we have somewhere to go on a particular day, we make it clear no puddles, but if we’re just messing around for the day and going nowhere in particular, or just running quick errands then we let my granddaughter (now 4) attack the puddles.  

I see it as a right of passage to enjoy being a kid before growing up becomes apparent, and having a childhood she can look back on and have happy memories. If the network drops Peppa Pig, we can say Cardi B singled handedly took out a cartoon…literally. Will she do it? I don’t know…there’s no mentioning that she would, but then again…with her fiery attitude and personality, I would not doubt it.

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