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Shoe Review: The Jessica Simpson Wedge Boots

January 2, 2021

JS_Wedge Boots4As we were saying goodbye to 2020, I thought I would see what boots I could find that would be head-turning type of boots.  I came across the Jessica Simpson wedge boots that are very nice in style and color combination.  Just the kind of boots that are (for me) different.

I think the pink brings the brown and tan tones together, and you can get away with wearing something pink and not take away from the style of the boots.  The wedge I would say measures just at or a little below 4 inches, making the boots easy to wear. 

There are a few things about the boots I found could have been done better, one is the zipper could have been longer to make for more ease of slipping the boots on. 

Secondly, with regards to size, they do run a bit small.  Which I found very surprising because I had a pair of her high heel pumps that were a size 6.5 and they fit like a size 7, but then again that was several years ago.

The surprising thing is I wear a size 7 and I got these in a size 7.5 and found them snug around the ankles, and my feet and ankles were not even swollen at the time I tried these on, in fact I had skinny ankles 😉 so getting these a whole size up would not be a bad idea.

Thirdly is they are tight around the calf.  Even though they tried to allow for fitting the calves, they should have made them a bit wider because taking them off if you’re not wearing a nylon is going to be a pain in the next.  You cannot wear them with thin socks because they will be too tight and too uncomfortable.  You stand a better chance wearing them with super thin or sheer nylon socks or stockings just for the easy of getting them on and off.  Where they made the boots loose just above the ankles, they should have added some of that looseness down around the ankles to not make it so tough to zip up.

JS_Wedge Boots5I absolutely love the style of the boots.  I’ve seen multi color boots but not in this particular style where the wedge itself is partially covered.  The pointed toe adds to the overall style of the boots and gives them a classy rustic look and appeal.

They would be ideal for wearing with a sweater dress, or suede skirt ensemble just to set the off and make them stand out.   These do come in all black, but they are not as fun as these here with the color combo.  Makes them more fun.

As far as price, I bought these at Ross one day a couple weeks ago when I happened to have gone in looking for a sweater and stopped off in the shoe section to see what they had.  There was only one pair in the entire store, and I paid $19.99 plus tax.  You can also find these on for $103 and on Amazon for about $108, which I don’t see them being worth that much simply because they run small and you would probably have to go up a whole size just for the ease of slipping them on, zipping them up, and getting a good comforting fit.

Overall I love the style, but while zipping them up can be problematic, I can zip them up nonetheless and my toes are not snug.  It’s just mostly around the ankles and upper calves.  Would I recommend them?  I honestly would, but I would also suggest going a whole size up…oh, I already said that, but you know what I mean.

Beyond that, they are super cool boots, no denying that.  They are best worn when it’s not raining buckets and pails out here in the Pacific Northwest.

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