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Fashion Talk: Why do People Write the Bad Reviews They Write About Apparel They Buy Online?

January 26, 2021

Have you ever found an item you really liked and before you purchased it, you decided you wanted to read the reviews to learn what other customers thought about that same item?  I can understand the reviews that talk about how they received a defected item (i.e., had holes in, rips, stains, etc.).  They have pretty good reasons to be disappointed because they paid their money and were expecting a quality product.

When they go on to blatantly tear the item down, you kind of have to read more into it to determine what what the real problem is that they found wrong with the item.  I found it interesting when in many of the reviews I have read when I was online shopping for various fashion items, There were always one or two who said:

  • Very disappointed because the item looked cheap
  • It was poorly made
  • Not flattering
  • Horrible item
  • Photo not accurate
  • Color not the same as shown
  • Doesn’t fit, way too big or too small

And the more I read these reviews I had a conversation with my daughter and we came to the same conclusion that it just may be something with the customer, that they don’t realize that with online ordering, items are not always as shown in the picture, and you have to take into consideration that depending on where it is coming from, it is going to run small, run big, or fit as expected which is why I read the reviews to see what others in my weight class bought and what they felt about it.

TanSweater2After the last reviews I read the other day, I was prompted to write this post.  So, my daughter bought me this amazing sweater on Amazon.  I absolutely love the sweater and the detail.  She knows I like sweaters that are different, have the right kind of appeal and really stand out, and it was such a coincidence that for Christmas she got the same exact sweater I had been looking at.

It’s the right length, the right size, and the cold shoulder look is what I like, with one extra detail that really caught my attention.

I loved the sweater so much I actually found the sweater again, but in a powder blue, which in this style makes it just even more beautiful, except I got in a size large this time because I am in the process of losing weight.  Don’t worry I know how to take in a sweater if it gets too big without have to try and shrink it.

BlueSweaterNow when I found the sweater, I wanted to read the reviews to see what others felt about the item.  And some of the reviews I read I didn’t quite understand what the actual problem was.  I ordered it anyway and I receive it, the sweater was shrink wrapped which let me know they took time to ensure the sweater was protected.  One of the reviews I read said it arrived with a noticeable snag in it.  I did not use any sharp object to open the package for the purpose of not damaging the product.  First thing I noticed is the color was exactly as shown online.  No disappointment there.

I laid the sweater out on my bed and inspected every part of the sweater, looking for any defects, snags, holes, tears, anything that would warrant me to return it. I look at the neckline, the sleeves, the entire body of the sweater and I have to say that I found absolutely nothing wrong with the sweater.  In fact, it was in perfect condition.

The wrinkles in the sweater come from it having been tightly shrink wrapped which I can only assume they did that to help keep it from being damaged in shipping.

BlueSweater2I tried the sweater on and it fit like a charm.  I like my sleeves long and I like my sweaters to fit a certain way and this one fit just right.  Not only do I love the cold should detail, but I love the open back these sweaters have.  That’s why when I tried on the tan one I have, I was like, “Oh, yeah!!!”

Look at that backing!!! Tell me if this is not your regular ultimate sweater.  So, you can understand why I got so excited when my daughter got me one for Christmas.  If I can find a white me,  believe me, I will be ordering that baby lickety-split!

So, let me give you my review of the sweater.  I already mentioned how it came packaged.  The sweater is soft, the sleeves are the right length.  The sweater falls just at my hips which is how I like my sweaters.  The quality of the sweater is very nice, no stitching errors.  I based the size on my overall body type in order to avoid getting a size too big and too small.  

It’s fact that everyone has their own experience when ordering online, but you also have to exercise some common sense to ensure you’re not only getting what you paid for, but you want it worth the money you paid.  You have to keep in mind that not everything ordered online is going to be expected. I have had this happen to me several times but I did not return everything because I could live it — it was not too bad to where I had to demand my money back.  There were those instances where the seller just said keep the item and they refunded my money because of my dissatisfaction of an item.  It will happen, but if you know you can avoid ordering issues, then by all means do so to avoid the headaches that being disappointed can cause.

Don’t be surprise if you write a review that is so bad that the seller will reach out to you personally and ask what can they do for you to get you to amend your review.  That’s happened to, but they have to keep in mind that if they did not deliver quality products, misrepresented products, they are bound to get the bad reviews.  Nothing they can do there.

In closing, next time you write a review, take the time to think about what you’re writing that review.  You could be adding to the popularity of the seller, or adding to their bad reputation.

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