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Beauty: Achieving the Perfect Ombre Lips in the Most Simplest Way

May 5, 2021

Makeup Series 04.17.21CMakeup has changed so much over the years that creativity has more than excelled in technique and style, but it’s also given way to extreme looks that can be transformed into daytime and nighttime looks, and looks for whatever path our minds sets us on.

One technique I have developed a liking for is the Ombre Lips.  I have been seeing this on the makeup groups I belong to on Facebook and I have become fascinated by it.  The look is very much like how I use a lip liner with lip gloss except there is no blending involved when I wear a lip liner with a lip gloss, to me that is just manipulating the color of the lip gloss.

With doing Ombre Lips, the process is a little different and it all depends on your personal preference on the shades you use and whether you use matte, satin finish or a cream lipstick with a lip liner of choice.

In the process I am going to talk about, the process uses three things, a brown lip liner, a nude shade of lipstick and an optional clear lip gloss.  But again, you can use any shades you like to achieve your Ombre look.  I just so happen to like the brown lip liner used with a rose colored matte lipstick.  

So, over the last month I have watched six or seven videos on achieving the perfect Ombre Lips and what I concluded is that the process can very easily be achieved in three easy steps, four if you want to top it off with a clear lip gloss if you want your lips to pop.  There is really no need to pile on lipstick after lipstick or lip glosses over lipsticks, where I saw a total of five used in the process.  Believe me I tried the method of using multiple lipsticks and lip glosses and I did not like it because, for one, it was too long of a process and then, two, it just looked messy and just seemed sticky and it was way too much just to achieve something that I later discovered has a more simpler process.

Makeup Series 04.17.21DThe first thing you want to do is use your lip liner to trace your lips.  You can go just around the line of your lips or you can go above the line if you want a fuller look. I prefer to trace just inside the line of my lips.  I don’t have large lips and don’t need to create a look on something I don’t have.

You’ll want to make the lines wide enough so when you get the step with the lip stick, you will still have enough lip liner to cover both your top and bottom lip.

Now you are going to create what I call side triangles starting from the far corners of your lips and just color in just enough on both top and bottom lips (see photo) so that you are going to leave wide enough spaces uncolored in.  This is the space you are going to use for the lipstick.

This next step you are going to get your lipstick and you are going to fill in the spaces untouched by the lip liner.  The last step you are going to use a small blending brush to blend the lipstick into the lip liner or the lip liner into the lipstick lightly patting your lips until it looks blended.

The final step would be to use a clear lip gloss. You pat it on to avoid messing up the blended look.  Again, using a lip gloss is optional and can be used if you really want your lips to shine.  I prefer not to use a clear lip gloss, although I have some, I just don’t use it for this look.

This Ombre Lip brought out my entire look and in all the makeup series I have done, this is the best look I have done.

What I used:

  • Lavish Brown lip liner by Jordana (they are no longer in business as of 12/31/20)
  • 211-Risky Rose lipstick by Maybelline
  • Small blending brush by Wet & Wild

I tried the Ombre four different times before finally achieving the perfect Ombre Lips.  If this is something you’d like to do, I recommend try it out a couple of times using different shades and types of lipsticks and lip glosses to see which one works for you.  Mine was done in trial and error before stumbling across this simple process.

I will be starting a YouTube channel in the coming months and I will be talking about how to do this simple three step process, so stay tuned for that.

I hope this post was help to you or someone you know.  

Thank you for reading and remember to like this post.  If you have a comment please share below.  Share with your friends and tell everyone about this post.

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