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Better Foot Care Health

Raising awareness to the increasing concern of wearing high heels seems to be on the rise.  Where foot specialists fall short in pointing out the ongoing damage women do to their feet in wearing high heels, I feel it’s best to visibly point out why practicing foot care is high important in order to prolong the wearing of high heels.

This chart details in full spectrum exactly what it is we are doing to our feet.  This is one of the reasons why I say wear what you know and what’s most comfortable.  Although many of can get away with wearing high heel shoes, 3 inches and above, we have to take into consideration the problems that can occur.

Knee and back problems are high on the list of ailments we can experience.  On the back, high heels pushes the center of mass in the body forward, which takes the hips and spine out of alignment.  There is pressure on the forefoot that becomes apparent as the height of the heel goes up.  The knee experiences altered posture which comes from walking in high heels.  This places excel force on the inside of the knee.  A study showed that knee joint pressure increased by as much as 26% when women wear high heels.

Improper wear of heels can create other issues that include pump bump which the rigid backs or straps of high heels can irritate the heel.  There are ankle injuries that can impair balance and become at greater risk of falling and spraining or breaking the ankle. 

Metatarsalgia is caused by the body’s weight to be redistributed by the force of the high heels.  Prolonged wear can lead to joint pain usually in the ball of the foot.  In this case this is why I emphasize the important of having a pair of slippers, tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes at your desk or in your car for giving your feet a rest.

Achilles tendon, bunions and hammertoes are other issues you can experience from wearing high heel shoes. 

We can’t emphasize the importance enough.  There are evasive procedures that can be done to correct the damage to our feet caused by wearing high heels, however, it’s been reported that there is no full guarantee that you’ll be able to return to wearing high heels.  One the damage is caused, it’s usually the end of wearing high heels.

Take special care in wearing high heels.  Practice good foot care and health.  Soak your feet regularly.  Keep comfortable shoes available.  And reduce the length of time to which you wear them.

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