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Dr. Oz’s 11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It in 2011

Eat Less. Move More. Lose Weight. Feel Great.

Dr. Oz has teamed up with Sharecare and the Nike SPARQ Training Network, to offer you an easy, interactive and comprehensive 11-week program designed to help you “move it and lose it” in 2011. Together, we provide you with the tools you need to succeed in a complete nutrition, exercise and coaching program created specifically for you to meet your goals, lose the weight and keep it off.

Our unique interactive platform will help you will stay connected every day for the entire 11 weeks with an elite training team of fitness and nutrition experts. They will answer your questions and keep you motivated along the way. We will track your progress, and keep track of your day-to-day data so that you can focus on beating the challenge.

This amazing program gives you all the tools you need to lose weight and feel great. Plus, there will be surprises, giveaways and special rewards for those who stick with it!

Register now, by filling out the form on this page.

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