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Understanding Your Children’s Vaccinations

Interesting reading about the varicella zoster virus and the vaccinations for it is something you should familiarize yourself with.  You’d be surprised as to how many parents do not take the time to read up on the many vaccinations available to your children that are required, mostly for school and medical employment.  You can learn more about the varicella zoster virus and related viruses, and its affects by educating yourself and your family.  Discuss regular immunizations with your family physician and how often they should be received to avoid infections.

You may learn or discover that some vaccinations are not needed, but may be required.  Be sure to discuss this with your family physician before proceeding.  Learn the affects of all vaccinations and how they may affect your children because you do not want your children having shots they didn’t need.  Do not prolong the inevitable. 

Schools today require updated vaccination records or students may not attend school until those records are brought current.  Check with your children’s school to be sure those records are up-to-date.  Most often, they will require updated TB tests.  Usually done every year unless otherwise specified, but some would like the tests to have been six month prior to being requested.  In this case, an updated tests will be needed.

Other sites you can go to for further reading on vaccinations, viruses and infections are and and other medical sites that provide up-to-date information.

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