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Accessories: Shape Up Your Wardrobe with GUESS Handbags

March 7, 2016

guess-handbags-holidays-2014-campaign-6-618x822GUESS is continuing to turn heads in today’s fashion trends with their stylish handbags that keeps on getting better and better as the years past, and just in time for the Spring/Summer season.  GUESS is showing us how they stay relevant by creating styles to meet and suit individual taste.

Photo from Laurence Ourac 

From the fun and colorful to the light and simple, to keeping it classy, GUESS knows how to please, and staying easy on the wallet.

I like GUESS handbags because of their attitudinal allure.  They tend to fit personalities more over than they do our fashionable choices.  But when you think about it, that’s it in a nutshell.


Choosing a handbag for myself took a little time in itself.  I’ve spent some time pulling together my Spring/Summer styles that I needed a handbag to fit the moment.  I saw this beautiful bag a few weeks ago and decided it was a definite must have.  Different from what I usually get, and it doesn’t have an outside pocket specifically for my cell phone, but I was willing to forego the outside pocket because It had comparable pockets inside that was more than enough of what I prefer in a handbag.

It is one of those handbags that can dress up any ensemble if well coordinated.  And I tend to be the queen of coordination because I don’t like being out of sync.  Even when I’m working out, you will find something designer about me.

12801408_705041276265450_3682371092730091034_nCate Rigid BagWhere does  GUESS measure up in price?  I would say that compare to other handbags on the market, they still tend to be very affordable.  Whether you’re looking for something big or something small, you are likely to not spend a huge fortune.  And shocking enough you can find a wide selection of GUESS handbags at your local Ross Stores while supplies last.  Ranging from $27.99 to as high as almost $50.  A small fraction from the retail prices.

HWVG6216060-LIPIf you want to go bold and daring, the Cate Ridig Bag is something to shake your head at, and will earn you a second look.  The well designed, beautiful bags are a fashion statement within themselves.HWVG6216060-LIP-ALT4

The stunning bag comes in six vivid colors.  It is about $135 but it is money well spent.  You can jazz up your wardrobe with handbags from GUESS and be the one your friends will be talking about this summer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of GUESS wear. Check out this year’s latest styles and build your wardrobe around your favorite selections.


Fashion: Bring Some Flowers into Your Life – The Brown Phase Part II

January 28, 2016

So, in my last “The Brown Phase” post I talked about the color brown and I showcased so super hot brown boots. I incorporated those boots with an old brown sweater I picked up from a thrift store, a pair of white pants I had in my closet to create a fun, but hot winter wear ensemble.

Spring is not too far off and many stores are already getting prepared, and have long since started phasing out their winter fashions, making room for Spring/Summer 2016 that is bound to bring some to die for styles that we must have in our wardrobe.

PSX_20160128_111337I decided to check around and see what patterns and prints will be making a seasons splash in this years Spring/Summer line up.  And I must say that floral prints are going to be huge this year, because they are getting prettier and prettier each year.

The weather this week has been beautiful so it was easy to get into my closet and put together an outfit that can be both spring-like and winter wear.  And anyone who knows me will tell you I like to keep it simple, but a little dramatic when it comes to showing out in what I can do with color coordinating different patterns.

This Spring/Summer season I will be showcasing lots of floral patterns with today being my first ensemble in a sleeveless sleeveless floral top paired with my short sleeved 3-buttoned sweater which I purchased from Avon some years ago.  Still looks good, doesn’t it?  I didn’t stop there, though.  I pulled my brown dress pants which I generally wear to work.  They worked just great with the top and sweater combination.

PSX_20160128_111404I was a ready for the warm day today.  And the best thing about this top is it came with a pretty nice necklace that accessorized the top just right.  And it went well with my Mellina-3 high heels.  You know I was not going to get away from mentioning having worn them with this ensemble.  Of course I could have gone with my peep toe platform high heel pumps also in the nude color.  That would have worked just as well and I would have been styling even more.

The one thing you have to know about coordinating floral prints is you have to know how to do it just right without taking away from the style of the pattern, meaning you have to pair it with the right solid colors.

So, this top comes with different floral patterns that are brown, tan and has some blue, a kind of burnt orange, and lavender in it against a light beige background, which makes it easy to to pick and choose solids to work well with it.  I wouldn’t wear black with it simply because it’s too dark and would take away from it.

It’s a comfortable and snappy look that is very complimentary.

But let’s not stop there.  If you’re into pencil skirts, you can enjoy really pretty floral patterned skirts I like to wear with pretty chiffon tops that creates an elegant look.

I absolutely love these skirts.  I have the one on the far left.  It fits so nicely, accents my butt very nicely and is a real head turner. 😉

ReneRI wore the skirt to an Herbalife meeting that was held at the Long Beach convention center showing of my 12 pound weight loss.  I looked amazing.  And it was an uplifting moment.

With this outfit, you can also wear light colored tops, too.  Like a rose pink, ivory, or even light beige would work with this skirt.  I wore black slip ons because they seemed to work and give the outfit a statement.

If you’re looking to do something different with your Spring/Summer wardrobe I recommend checking out some floral patterned styles.  They are sure to brighten up your wardrobe.  They are fun and flirty and if you get at least one compliment out of the whole day, then you know you coordinated your outfit very well.

Best thing is these pieces are not expensive.  Check out local area boutiques like Zizibeh and Fashion Island, and other boutiques and you are bound to find pretty floral patterned styles that fits your individual style and taste.


Winter Fashion: Being Stylish in Cooler Temperatures

January 17, 2016

Southern California has been some cold weather in the height of the El Nino season.  Even though the rain levels have not been what we all have been expecting, many of us are still enjoying some of our favorite fall/winter fashions.

If you are looking to spruce up your winter fashion by adding something new and different without sacrificing your personal style and taste, you will be happy to know that this winter season there is lots to choose from, and without breaking the bank.

FB_IMG_1453023584621Let me draw your attention to one of my favorite ensembles I just put together this weekend.  So, I picked up this really cute light pastel pink sweater with a cowl turtleneck, three buttons on the collar (one hidden and two gold plated buttons), cuffed sleeves which you can uncuff and wear them long if you like (that’s how I like to wear my sleeves) and it comes with a belt, white ankle jeans, and the Sheikh Mellina-3 high heel pumps, and for a nice finishing touch, I added a really nice handbag large enough to house my smart phone, makeup, wallet, mirror and my iPod, because I’m always on the go.

I love the sweater because not only can I wear it with jeans, but I can also wear it with a pair of my light cream dress pants, or a cute pair of capri pants.  Either way i am making a fashionable statement when I walk out the house and I am turning heads because I am well coordinated from top to bottom.

Mellina-3 NudeDid I spend a lot on this ensemble?  Of course not.  I’m on a strict budget this month, so keeping cost down was a major factor.  The sweater, pants and purse only cost me $21 and the Mellina-3 high heels were $34.99 plus tax when I bought them months ago.  I must say, this is one of the best casual winter ensembles I put together this season.  This just proves that you can be stylish and trendy while keeping warm during cooler temperatures without breaking the bank, especially if you’re on a budget and you have to keep your spending to a minimum.

I live in Long Beach, and we are fortunate to not have terribly extreme weather, which makes it nice to be able to wear favorite fashions that keeps us stylish and trendy, and makes us feel sexy at the same time.  It is not very hard to do when you are looking to try new and different looks.  I can help you create looks like this or looks that are similar and I can point you in the right direction for finding low cost pieces you can put together.

Knowing what you like and how far you are willing to go with your look and style is important.  Know how to mix and match, and color coordinate to create some fabulous looks.  If you are into prints and patterns keep in mind that if you’re curvy, you should not wear vertical stripes.  This is a mistake too many of us make.  Wear styles and colors that are complimentary to your body type.

Check your local boutiques for low cost winter fashions.  But keep in mind that if you are on the hunt for some fabulous sweaters you better hurry because many stores are starting to phase out their winter wear and start bringing in the spring fashions in preparations for the Spring season that is literally around the corner.

A Year in Review: Goodbye 2015

December 31, 2015

imagesIt’s hard to believe that in less than 4 1/2 hours we will be saying farewell to another year.  And as we do, we stop to think about what our accomplishments have been, what goals we’ve achieved, what milestones we’ve reached, and what successes we’ve conquered.

From a fashion perspective many of you have tried had fashion makeovers, tried new trends, and stepped up in dressing for success.  For me, 2015 has been a year of new beginnings, starting over, starting fresh, and getting back in the fashion seat one step at a time, and more importantly…getting back on my feet.

I went from having my unemployment run out, having no job, to have two jobs, then to just recently starting a new job this month.  Life is turning around, and I pride my faith, not giving up, having amazing friends for moral support and never stop believing in the power of prayer, and staying positive all the time.   Through the tears, the anger, the frustration, the ups and downs, it’s been one roller coaster after another, and here I am – still standing.

What’s new for 2016?  I’m ready to take the bull by the horn!  Move my fashion consulting business forward, help men and women get back on top of their fashion game with new styles and trends.  Be successful on my job, move into a bigger place to continue to build my fashion line, and start making plans to travel to visit both my daughter and my sister living in other states.  I am looking forward to building new friendships in the fashion scene, attend fashion events, and enjoy some time creating new pieces to share with everyone.

graphics-thank-you-591500Before I say goodbye to 2015, I want to say thank you to all my new and loyal readers.  And thank you to those who gave me the opportunity to grown AtStudio5 over the last years.  All you have been great.  I look forward to seeing you all in the new year with new blog posts, fashion tips, health information, entertainment news, announcements, and much more.

Here’s to life, love, and happily ever afters.


Fashion: The Brown Phase — Boots, Fashion & Handbags

December 31, 2015

Here is the post I just posted on my style blog I wanted to share with all of you as we close out 2015.

Brown is one of the most neutral colors next to taupe, tan, beige and ivory.  One of the things I like about the color brown is that you can jazz it up so many ways that you never run out of ideas.

Here is one way I like to see brown.  I stopped into Sheikh Shoes just after leaving work and I had a quick chat with one of the sales associates about boots who agreed with me that you can always find the best styles in black boots, but it’s often hard to find a good style in brown boots.

DeliciousDelicious Shoes has come out with a new snazzy style of boots which caught my attention.  These are definitely a must have pair of boots that the shoefanistas out there should not be without. Image from  And with the temperatures continuing to deep into mid to low 60’s during the day and below 50’s at night, why not have a hot pair of boots to keep your feet not only warm, but looking good?

bebb4ea0-62d6-4386-a465-e006acf05b26So let’s get right on to it.  Brown is a color many of us have in our wardrobe.  But if it’s not hitting all the corners of being trendy, chances are you are missing out on some of the hottest winter styles this season. I consider these to be a Sheikh Shoes exclusive, and not at all a well kept secret.  Found in both black and brown in the store and also in gray online; and dubbed the Delicious Knee High Leather Boot Fable-S, these will rev up your ensemble and all eyes will be on your while you’re strutting your stuff down the boulevard.

da866c9f-c2e8-4b5f-9680-6758a54dbc21Don’t be fooled by the outer zipper and buckle design.  The traditional zipper is on the inside.  The heel is topped at a whopping 5-inches with a shaft measured at approximately 14 inches.  The features includes a gold zipper with and zipper accents along the bottom of the boot shaft giving the heel a dressy look. You can pair them off best with a knee-high sweater dress for a classy affair.  I’d wear them with my Calvin Klein ivory sweater dress and a brown print infinity scarf — to give it that wintery look.

8649c2b2-a3a6-44d3-9d8b-ed450fcdc4b4The Fable-S have sex appeal if you’re one for looking flashy and sexy at the same time. :) Like me, of course.  I love a good ensemble and I always say if you come away with at least one compliment out of the entire day, your ensemble was a success.

The skinny heel on the Fable-S give the boots a gracious amount of style one can’t get away from.  And I can help you put together one killer of an ensemble that will keep your friends talking for days.  The sales associate at Shiekh Shoes assured me they are true to size.  I had the opportunity to try them on, and she’s right, they are true to size. 🙂

What will these bad boys cost you?


There you have it!  If you think about it, that’s really not a bad price, especially if you’re looking for a great style, something different, and is a crowd pleaser.  If you purchase them from a store, you will come away with paying a total of $49.04 (that’s with tax).

NineWestWhy stop there?  Add a nice handbag to your ensemble to let everyone know you really have what it takes to be stylish and trendy.  I picked up this really cute handbag from Ross Stores last night.  It’s a Nine West handbag on sale for just $18.99.  I love this bag.  It’s room, has two outside pockets, which I have dedicated one to my cell phone and one to housing both my phone chargers.  It does not have an inside middle pocket which I have grown so accustom to, but I can live without it only because I like this handbag and it’s not at style I’ve had before.

0417cd7c-7767-41b1-9c42-35439d86e2d6Don’t want to pay retail price for a handbag?  You can certainly fine quality handbags at a fraction of the cost of the retail price…as must as 15% – 50%, give or take.

The color is ideal for the Fable-S boots by Delicious Shoes.  You can go with a pair of jeans if you’re not into sweater dresses, or even white pants to bring it all out and really let the brown stand out.

Venus.pngAnd don’t forget a great sweater.  I usually turn to because they always seem to have the best sweaters when the cold weather rolls around, and they have pretty good sales.

This particular sweater, a cable knit tunic, is on sale for $26.  What a steal!

So, there you have it!  A pretty good brown ensemble for the winter weather and while you’re enjoying the brown phase, you are looking good at the same time.  Brown is one of those colors you can also wear with lighter colors like powder blue, pink, and even gray and some prints that gives brown it’s own life.

Health & Fitness: My Twelve Week Weight Loss Journey

November 7, 2015

ReneRI started over twelve weeks ago on a weight loss journey with a goal to drop 20 pounds.  Since then, I have lost fifteen pounds, took six inches off my waistline, and have dropped  two dress sizes.  The outfit I am wearing is a size Jr. Large.  And this has been since being introduced to the FitLife Fitness Center here in Long Beach and the Herbalife fitness coaches who are passionate about helping the community get into a healthier way of living through staying active, clean eating and gaining more energy.

I have received tons of support from my friends and new friends who have been on this journey with me.  As I am continuing this journey, I am excited to let everybody know that my coach, Lenka, and I are on a mission to support others in gaining more energy, being more active, and learning how to eat clean so people can look and feel their best!

So we are launching an exciting 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge starting on Monday, November 9, for anyone to participate in and get a taste of the healthy active lifestyle!  Would you or anyone you know like to participate?  You can get in touch with me at

And/or if you or someone you know would like to explore the income opportunities of Herbalife and could use an extra $200 – $500 extra a month for the holidays by learning how to run the challenges with me, feel free to contact me at and my coach and I would love to talk to you about the endless possibilities?

Five Day ChallengeJoin us!!!  Herbalife has helped me to see things differently with regards to having a healthier lifestyle.


Style File: The Fall/Winter Season Series Kicks Off The Best Outfits for the Seasons

October 29, 2015

Jae MichelleWelcome to another edition of Style File as we kick off the fall/winter season series with a feature from Jae Michelle.  Today I happened to have been browsing around Facebook and came across this fabulous ensemble.  Thanks for letting us feature you, girl.

So, just because the summer months are far behind us, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some stylish fashion while changing up to keep warm as the temperatures begin dip down into chillier degrees.  There is no need to get away from what we enjoy about fashion the most — being daring and bold — because the industry has evolved so much that the possibilities are endless.

As Jae Michelle shows us in one of her best ensembles, there is a lot you can do with vibrant colors when you add a jean jacket, cut out white pants, and some killer color block high heels that just sets the right tone, and those heels are a definite must have in any shoe lover’s collection.  And anyone who knows me, will tell you I’m a sucker for a bad ass pair of high heels paired with the picture perfect ensemble, and I’m a sucker for well put together ensembles.  That’s just me.

The rules are continuing to change with regards to the “no white after Labor Day.”  This is because designers are turning the tables with “winter white” collections that have become a huge part of today’s fall/winter seasons.  I’d like to believe that white is the new brown of the fall seasons, and whether the old fashioned die-hard keepers of tradition like it or not, white after labor day is something that is not going away.

Jae Michelle’s ensemble is an excellent example of having fun with fashion during the fall/winter seasons.  Be stylish.  Be trendy.  Explore new possibilities and don’t be afraid to take it to the edge of no return.

Photo courtesy of Jae Michelle.

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