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From Straight To Curly: The Best Oils to Hydrate Your Curls

Sometimes I like to wear my hair in a curly hairstyle.  It’s different from what I usually wear and since my husband asked me today, “why do you always where your hair flipped to the side like that?”  Without thinking I told him, “Hey, I don’t have any hair to wear it any other way!”  That’s when I realized that was not entirely true.  Sometimes I wear my hair pulled back into a ponytail, or a ponytail with bangs, sometimes I wear curls up or down, and sometimes I go with a simple straight style.

RRNewHair5But after a while the simple straight style gets dull and boring regardless of how good I think I am looking when I am out for the day or on my way to work or how good my makeup looks.  My hairstyle should show I have a variety to choose from.

Since I don’t have the length of my hair I had before the last hair cut, trying to maintain good styles is a little more hard to do, so I have to get a little creative to avoid getting frustrated.  When I wear the straight style, I stay away from using a lot of oils only to keep my hair from being weighted.  If you are wondering why your hair feels heavy and limp before the end of the week, look at your oil content and determine how much a week do you use.

If you find that your hair is dry and holds no styles, kick up your oil content just a bit.  You’ll be surprise at what your hair will respond to.

I like the straight style for certain outfits I wear.  Edgy, but professional and conservative. 😉

Makeup:  Jordana Eyeliner, Black; Lipstick, Milani #24 Black Cherry

RRNewHairGoing from a straight hairstyle to a curly hairstyle mid week or at the end of the week before your next shampooing is really not hard to do.  In fact, it’s easier than most really think it is, especially if it’s something you’ve never done.  So, this picture I just a few minutes ago after I used my oil cocktail.  I put on just a little makeup to make the picture a little nicer.

Ok, what’s the oil cocktail?  This is what I usually use just on my bangs.  But when I go curly, I use it as an all over hair and scalp treatment and on the ends.  I use one of my curling irons to set the curls, and finger the curls into style.

Makeup:  Jordana Eyeliners, Black; Lipstick, Milani #49 Brandy Berry.

I’ll be 50 in another year, so it’s important for me to have healthy hair.  The oil cocktail I created for my bangs and sometimes use as my full hair and scalp treatment consists of four different oils.  Using this on my bangs I focus on the ends and front scalp of my bangs to keep from breaking off and from being dry.

300I purchased a small jar of Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy.  I added and even amount of Argan Oil, Vitamin E, medicated Sulfur 8 and cocoa nut oil – about a 1/2 teaspoon of each, and I mixed it all together.  Because I don’t wear curly hairstyles regularly, I only use the cocktail on my bangs.  For the rest of my hair and scalp I use cocoa nut oil and/or Argan oil.  Depends on how dry my hair is.  And even still, I use it sparingly just to not weight my hair.

But let me emphasize the importance of washing your hair regularly otherwise you will have an itchy scalp and dandruff buildup that will turn into dirt and oils cannot help that…YUK!  This will also help prevent breakage as long as you are taking the necessary steps such as getting regular trims, washing your hair at least once a week, getting protein treatments and/or deep conditioning, and just making sure your hair is healthy.

I do this in a two step process.  But if you’re looking to curl your hair, you may or may not want to follow what I do.  Some people who switch out their hairstyles may use different techniques.  Moving a long.  So, I section my hair in five place.  I lightly oil the hair I am going to curl.  I finger our the curls to make sure I am going to get the look I am looking for.  Once I have confirmed the desired look, I wait an hour then go back and hot curl the hair I am going to put in hair curlers (rollers).  The only reason why I do this because [remember] I am coming from a straight hairstyle, and in order to hold the curls, even with the oils, I have to make sure the curls will last.

I do not add any more oil, unless I missed a section.  Parting my hair in five sections designates where the hair curlers will go.  After I have the hair curlers in, I am ready to tie up my hair tightly…well not too tight, but enough to keep the hair curlers in position while I’m sleeping.  The next morning you really do not need a comb unless you want to use a wide tooth comb.  Finger the curls into the position you want and you’re ready to walk out the door.  Once you do this, you really do not need to hot curl your hair again.


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