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Your Hair and Stress: What You Can Do to Save Your Hair

Whomever said stress does not affect your hair was wrong.  And I have even read articles that have said there is no scientific link to it.  But let me tell you I experienced it for myself during my husband’s illness before he passed away.

What can stress do to you as a whole?  Left unaddressed, stress can play major factors in how you sleep, how you eat, it can affect your energy level, it can cause you to not think clearly, it can affect your mood and your weight can fluctuate up and down.

My hair took the brunt of it when it was growing it then it broke off like someone took a pair of scissors and cut off half of one side of my hair.  I was nearly in tears.  I didn’t know what to do.  Fortunately I had a stylist who was very compassionate about hair and understood what I was dealing with and worked with me to give me options to not have extra added stress added to me because of my hair — she understands that hair is the extension of a woman’s self confidence.

Because she knows how much I loved my bangs, and wanted my hair to look nice all the way around she added tracks to give me some fullness in my hair.

I felt like I was on cloud nine and was finally starting to feel good about my hair and myself despite the tremendous stress I was under from my late husband being ill.

There are a number of things you can do to combat stress and save your hair.  I recommend changing your regimen just a bit to add a sulfate free shampoo and condition.  I recommend the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner and the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing shampoo and conditioner.  You will notice the difference in your hair right away.  Use leave-in conditioners or moisturizers, and focus on protecting your ends.  Keep your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends, and drink plenty of water.  Keep your hair hydrated by using products that are water based, or use an oil blend of your choosing that won’t cause a build up.

Limit the amount of heat you use.  When you are under a tremendous amount of stress, regardless of what it is, using excessive heat can be just as damaging as the stress itself.  If you wrap up your hair using a silk hair wrap at night, you should be able to just style and go in the morning without having to spend too much time on styling.  If you have to use any amount of heat use low heat to bump the ends or smooth out any frizz.  Keep a polisher on hand…that can help with the frizz.  For the edges, use an edge smoother by Creme of Nature.

Watch your weight by eating healthier meals.  Occupy yourself with simple things to keep your mind busy.  This helps to keep you from focusing so much on the stress factors.  Eat foods like vegetables, fish, baked or broiled chicken, stay away from foods high in starch and fat.  You don’t want to gain too much weight because then that becomes another issue.

Design your hair regimen to provide care for your hair to reduce hair shedding and dryness and that will avoid build up.

After seeing my stylist in Lakewood, CA, I later moved to Washington.  I have a new stylist in Portland who has started helping me with my hair.  Since my husband’s passing I have had a partial and a full weave.  After the second weave, my stylist in Lakewood, CA did a duo dye.  She dyed my hair blonde first, then put a wine cellophane on top.  After a several washes the cellophane washed out and the color came up.  My new stylist in Portland did my relaxer, and treated the color and kept my gray that grew out from turning green or yellow by specially conditioning my hair.

This is my hair now.  Totally stress free, growing out, looking healthy.  I use the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing shampoo and conditioner, I use Cantu Sheen oil, and I use a hair polisher, and I use BioSilk Heat Serum (this is the best serum on the market).   I would not say I am stress free because even with leaving California there is always something going on…let’s just say I have learned how to handle it much better than before.  And learning how to separate yourself from those things that are stressful and learning how to remove stressful situations from your life is also important because it doesn’t zap your energy and it does not rule your days going forward.

Focus on you and your health and the health of your hair.  You will feel much better at the end of the day.

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