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Site Disclaimer

By reading this “Site Disclaimer” you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth on this web blog.

All photos on this site belong to the creator/moderator unless otherwise specified, and therefore are the property of those to whom they are obtained from where proper credit is given and AtStudio5 makes no credit to.  Illegal use of any of the photos from this web blog is strictly prohibited.

No content from this site shall be reused anywhere without the express written permission of AtStudio5’s creator/moderator.  Illegal use on any content from this web blog is strictly prohibited.

You will be reported accordingly for illegal use of this web blog.

Feedback and comments are highly acceptable.  Keep in mind that ALL comments MUST relate to this blog and/or specific posts.  Please refrain from posting spam, unnecessary ads, vulgur comments that are meant to be hurtful and disrespectful, and offensive to anyone.  They WILL NOT be approved and will be deleted automatically.  Posted comments that are deemed as spam or are suspected as being spam will also be deleted automatically.

If you have questions about particular posts, have an idea for a post related specifically to this web blog that you would like to see, would like to be a guest writer on this web blog, or you have a general question relating to content seen on this web blog, you are welcome to email AtStudio5.  Generally you will receive a response within 24 – 48 hours, however, due to overwhelming growth of the web blog, a response to your email may be delayed beyond the 48-hour period, therefore it is asked that you please be patient, emails will be answered as quickly as possible.

Thank you for abiding by the rules of the AtStudio5 web blog, your understanding is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for visiting.

Modified 04/18/19

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