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Styled By René

April 12, 2016

Pants by Calvin Klein:  Straight leg slacks are the growing trend in the business environment, getting away from the traditional dress slacks.  Of all the straight leg dress pants I have tried, Anne Klein Straight-Leg Zip-Detail Pants are by far the best dress pants I have had.  I have two pairs of the navy blue and the ivory.

Anne KleinThey provide a comfort fit, creates great work ensembles, and they are very stylish.  At retail they are $89.99, but fortunately Ross Stores carries them at some locations at $24.99.

The pants are well made and are true to size.  you can get away with wear print and patterned tops, but not black only because it would take away from the look of the pants.  Wear high heel pumps or stylish strappy sandals, paired with a jazzy ruched quarter sleeve blazer, preferably white, ivory or another pastel color, or even the  trendy floral blazers.

I recommend trying them on to get the best  fit before buying.  Because even though Anne Klein’s pants are true to size, you may prefer a looser fit for more comfort.

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April 12, 2016

New Clients:  New clients are needed who are looking to bring their summer wardrobe new life.  New style assessment sheets are available and are needed prior to consulting appointments.  I will be happy to help you identify where you want to take your current style without sacrificing personal taste.  Contact me at

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