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Style File: A White Spring/Summer Season 2011

February 8, 2011

This week in Style File I took a flash back into 2010’s white spring/summer look as it was clearly the year of the white spring/summer season with iconic trends which, to me, set the stage for bringing white into a whole new light and into 2011’s Spring/Summer fashion.  Dresses, shorts and pants outfits, tops and sweaters garner the newer trends of this year’s spring/summer season as we prepare ourselves to shed the layers of winter wear.  Photo from Women Fashion Trends.

One of the things I love is how fashion designers have stylized the color white placing it in newer ambiance of light in fashionable styles that we all can enjoy. 

There is definitely something for every occasion, every moment of the day and night, and with spring and summer well on its way we are given the opportunity to pick and choose our trends whether old or new, we can dive into looks that are worth mentioning.  Photo from Omiru.

There are so many ways to wear white that it only seems natural to think that wearing it out of context can take away from its overall look and appeal.  My one tip to wearing white this summer is don’t throw in unnecessary colors.  Keep it tasteful.  If you’re going to wear white as your color for the day or evening, realize that white is clean and fresh, its beautiful and elegant.  It is above off-white and ivory and holds its own light.  It is white.  Shorts, dress, top and short ensemble, light sweater, gives life to new styles, and if you must throw in a splash of color, stay with light pastel colors.  White is its own neutral color that shouldn’t be tampered with too much.

I fell in love with this gorgeous white dress from the Sabatini White Spring/Summer 2010.  Look at how it flows and how the over jacket accents the dress in its entirety.  It is elegant, it is simple and beautiful.  This dress is one of the dresses featured in the photo gallery on

If you’re into wearing white just as much as I am, let it be one of your colors this spring/summer season.

This has been another edition of Style File.

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