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Shoe Review: Avon’s Wedge Boots

February 28, 2013

Wedge boots have really gotten to be popular in the last couple of years, and I’ve seen some dynamite styles and designs that last Christmas I decided I’d get myself a pair, especially when I saw that there was a pair in their books towards the end of the year.  I’d ordered a pair from my neighbor who is an Avon representative.

Avon Wedge Boots2I really liked these boots because of the height of the boot which measures at 15″ tal.  They feature a wave-molded footbed, an adjustable buckle with an elastic panel that stretches.  The boots sits atop a faux-wood-stacked wedge and has a full side zip for easy pulling on especially when worn with my skinny jeans.

The over all style was nice and I liked the look of them, felt the wedge look and height was adequate and could work with many of my jean outfits.  Now for the review…

Wearing the boots:  When I first wore the boots, they rubbed so badly on the side of my big toe on my left foot, that they I ended up with a blister, even though they do not fit tightly on my feet.  I eventually had to start wearing them with thin socks to avoid further blistering.

Craftsmanship:  While I thought the boots were stylish with the simple design, the heal of the wedge was done poorly.   The heel of the wedge was complete rubber, having worn completely away by the second time I wore the boots causing slight damage to the wedge.   I paid $44 and some change for these boots and ended up paying an additional $7.50 to have the wedges completely repaired.  I could have returned the boots altogether because of the defect and the discomfort I experienced, and my Avon representative was more than willing to let me return them, but because I really liked them I went ahead and had them repaired, however, after I brought this to the attention of my Avon representative she was kind of enough to reimburse me the $7.50 I paid for the repair, and she immediately called Avon the following week notifying them of the problem with the heels of the wedges and the discomfort other customers may experience.

Recommendation:  If you buy these boots, I recommend having the rubber on the heels of the wedges completely replaced.  NOT reinforced, but completely replaced to avoid the headache of having to go and have them completely repaired after you wear them once or twice, which is what they had to do after I wore them the second time.  When the rubber worn away, it left a hole in the bottom of the wedge, where the rest of the rubber had gotten lodged into and some of the wedge had been scraped away because the heals of the wedges was exposed.  This meant the shoe repairman had to even out the wedges in order to put the heel back in place using more sturdier material.  Wear thin socks or socks that are comfortable enough to wear with the boots.  I can’t express this enough.  This will avoid blistering and discomfort.

The price for this type of repair may vary depending on where you go and where you live, but this is a recommendation I insist on doing if you want to extend the life of these boots and do not want to go through the hassle of returning.

Avon Wedge BootsWorth the money spent:  In my opinion, and because of the lacking in ensuring durability on the heals of the wedges, they are not worth $59.99.  They are currently on sale for $39.99, which I think is still too high for these boots, based on the problem with the heals of the wedges and the blistering.  At best, I would say they should be priced below $20 to be fair, especially if there is this defect.

Post repair:  Since I had them repaired, I’ve worn them three times, and so far and they are seeming to hold up very well.

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